• September 28, 2023

Current author codes in Brawl Stars

Avid visitors of the section “Score“Brawl Stars drew attention to the fact that by scrolling through it to the end, you can get the opportunity to indicate”Author Code“. This feature is not unique and exists in most online games. Let’s figure out what it is for and find out all the currently known codes.

Brawl Stars Author Code

What is author code

In fact, it is unique identifierassigned to the user. It is presented in the form of a specific set of numbers and letters and is issued only by the developers of the game itself. Often, famous players or bloggers, as well as people who have made a great contribution to development, have author codes. Brawl starsAll codes of the author Brawl Stars

Why do I need an author code

First, let’s talk about the benefit for the owner of the code. He receives five% from the sum of all gems spent by players. Accordingly, it is beneficial for him that players more often replenish their in-game wallet and spend money on cosmetic items or new brawls… However, it is not infinite and is assigned to the user for exactly 1 week, after which re-entry is required. why do we need the author's codes brawl stars

For the person entering the code, there are no advantages as such (in terms of gifts). If you want to support your favorite blogger, just enter his unique identifier and he will receive percent from the money spent. Few know, but the author selection button works for the introduction too promo codes, we wrote a list of them in a separate article. By entering them, you will be able to credit yourself a certain amount in full free gems

List of valid author codes in Brawl Stars

List of Brawl Stars codes without authoring:

  • Jocker
  • Adam
  • JUNE
  • dragon
  • bt1
  • lukas
  • BFA
  • gra
  • galadon
  • chicken
  • ark

We recommend that you bookmark this page and check it periodically for updates. Write to commentswhose author code you would like to see, and also notify us if you notice that one of them is no longer working.

Where to enter

Now let’s figure it out where to enter the author’s code Brawl Stars:

  1. Launch Brawl stars and click on the item “Score»On the left side of the screen. How to find author code in brawl stars
  2. Swipe the list that appears all the way to the right. This is where the menu item we need is located. where is the author's code in brawl stars
  3. It remains to enter one of the codes presented in the article below and support your favorite blogger. All author codes Brawl stars

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