• October 3, 2023

Current promotional codes Crossout ⚡️ 2021

Periodic distribution of promotional codes during thematic events – one of the types of regular support for F2P projects from developers. The team from Gaijin Entertainment was no exception and implemented a system of activation codes in their games, allowing users to get rare skins, profile backgrounds, stickers, kits and gold necessary for development.

Crossout - Promo codes

More about registering a Crossout account with a bonus

How to get a promo code for Crossout

The easiest way to get an activation code for the game is to wait in-game event or take part in a special shares… Most often, such events are timed to important dates for developers and the project or generally accepted holidays.

For example, on New Year’s and Christmas Eve, an event took place “Blizzard”, within which the players could receive valuable prizes.

Crossout - Blizzard

Another way to get a promo code is to buy computer peripherals. Many users were pleasantly surprised when they received along with the new keyboard insert with code to get gold in Crossout.

Crossout - Coin promo code

But what if all the holidays are over, and there are no plans to upgrade the equipment in the near future? For this case, we have prepared a number of reusable and disposable promotional codesthat you can activate!

Distribution of promotional codes for Crossout

This list contains rewards in the form of stickers and profile backgrounds. However, most gamers are exclusively interested in gold. Who knows, maybe among the one-time bonus codes you can find promotional code for coins for Crossout 😏.

There is only one way to check the performance of these codes: enter it in the activation field. We hope that some of you lucky

How to activate a promo code in Crossout

Now let’s figure out where to enter promotional codes in Crossout. First you need to log into the official website of the developers and go to the tab of the same name.

Crossout - field for entering a promotional code

A user with a unique bonus, it remains to enter it in the appropriate field and press the blue button. If the expiration date or number of activations not expired, the service will notify about successfully adding items to your account, and a letter with detailed contents of the set will be sent to the attached mail.

Crossout - email

Share in the comments which of the promotional codes you managed to activate, and we will try to continue to delight you with up-to-date news about events and giveaways in Crossout.

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