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Dark Souls 3: TOP 10 unique weapons

The third installment of the infamous FromSoftware saga has an impressive arsenal of weapons. Some of its representatives have truly unique abilities and characteristics. Finding these items is not so easy, but with our guide you will definitely succeed.

Dark Souls 3: TOP 10 unique weapons

Dark Souls III was the culmination of the beloved and long-running series. FromSoftware has done a great job and made their greatest contribution into the video game industry. The game not only referred to the past parts, but also followed in their footsteps, providing people with a large number of unique weapons.

Not all weapons in Dark Souls are effective and useful enough, but despite this, one cannot help but appreciate its unique appearance and amazing, exceptional abilities. This collection is dedicated to such unique weapons.

Yorshka’s spear

Yorshka's spear

Yorshka’s spear is not at all an amazing weapon in terms of the damage it causes – in this regard, it can rather be called basic and elementary for the player… The most important “highlight” of this spear is the design, as it combines several parts spears and hammer… Such a weapon looks really menacing.

The weapon was bestowed Yorshki churches and subsequently inherited its name. It was very fond of those people from the Dark Souls fandom, for whom the priority is precisely appearance of the item… For the rest of the players who pay more attention to dealing decent damage to enemies or creating effective assemblies, the weapon costs in second or even third place in order of importance.

Demon’s mark

Demon's mark

In the world of epic fantasy, there are almost no weapons cooler than flaming sword… In our Universe, it would hardly be practical, but despite this, such a tool is highly desirable in any video game. Demon’s mark Is an all-flame DLC weapon found in The City Beyond the Wall.

It does not deal physical damage, but in return, anyone who dares to cross the player’s path will be incinerated from fire damage. To create a blade, you need to transpose the soul of the Demon-Prince.

Smog’s Hammer

Smog's Hammer It would be difficult not to mention in the article about Dark Souls Ornstein or Smaug… Despite the fact that there are no such bosses in the third part, players may be pleasantly surprised to find a large Smog’s Hammer

This massive weapon first appeared in the first part of the trilogy, and then returned again in the last. Each successful blow that the owner deals leads to the fact that he restores its health… This hammer can be used in both one-handed and two-handed grips, and it also has a unique attack.

Demon’s fist

Demon's fist

These fists most often cleverly used in close combat, putting them on both hands… They are notable for dealing a hefty amount of fire damage. For players who are accustomed to this weapon, it will not be difficult to get the full benefit from it when using the skill. “Whirlwind of Flame”… The trick of this ability is that during the spin, the attack distance depends on when the player with both fists will strike a powerful blow to the ground.

In order to get this weapon, the gamer will have to come to the location “Smoldering Lake”… After killing a certain demon there and getting his soul, the player can exchange it with Ludlet for fists.



Evelyn – not the type of weapon that is impressive in terms of the damage it deals and, most likely, because of this will never be used most of the players. The uniqueness of this crossbow lies in its appearance – as if it was made of musical instrument… The name of the weapon also emphasizes this similarity, because Evelyn is truly an angelic, unearthly name.

Crossbow fires three bolts quickly contract. The best place for this nifty weapon is the exhibit display shelf; in a fierce battle, this crossbow looks less mesmerizing due to its low damage.

Raven feathers

Raven feathers Raven feathers appeared in the first DLC for Dark Souls 3 – The Ashes of Ariandel. The sword skin was most likely influenced by another FromSoftware game, Bloodborne. It is a common and effective straight sword when used. in one-handed mode.

These feathers show their true strength only in two-handed grip… Special attack gives the ability to inflict jump kick and at the same time release several small blades at the enemy. These weapons are suitable for those players who like to use a backstab… The chances of inflicting on the enemy are also high. critical damage.

Dark hand

Dark hand Dark hand may not look like traditional weapons, but that makes it no less valuable. The origin of this weapon is not exactly known, but it is rumored that this ancient relic once belonged to The Primal Serpent Kaas.

Finding or creating a Dark Hand in the game is absolutely impossible. The only way to get it is to buy it from a merchant whose name Yuri from Londor. This weapon deals a serious amount of darkness damage. The dark hand, although it functions as a melee weapon, is classified as spell catalyst. Any build allows you to use this weapon, since he has no special requirements.

Hammer of Ledo

Hammer Ledo

Silver Knight Ledo is not a well-known character in the game’s community. He can be found in the “City Beyond the Wall” expansion in the form of a phantom. His hammer stands out as a claim to the title the heaviest weapon in the entire game.

This weapon is more powerful than the previously mentioned Hammer of Smog. Hammer Ledo a bit like the Dragon Tooth that belonged to Havel the Rock. Probably, both owners tried to achieve similarity in their hammers, since they were good friends… Players will get their hands on this unique and heavy weapon by defeating Ledo in a duel.

Crucified Mad King

Crucified Mad King

To an inexperienced player, it may seem that the name of this item is symbolic and thematically indicates its purpose. In fact, it is literal description the appearance of the weapon. Crucified Mad King – a spear piercing the body of a mad king, the offspring of a family of pygmies.
Shira, a girl knight, pierced the tyrant with her weapon, hoping it would kill him. Unfortunately, she could not do this, since the king was immortal. She was forced to shelter him in a dark room and contain the king’s madness for the rest of his days

Dragon Tooth

Unsurprisingly, the most unique weapon in the game belongs to Havelu Skale… The weapon is made from a dragon’s tooth. Havel possessed it and used it as a personal mace. In terms of damage dealt, the mace performs well, but takes too much strength for effective use.

Those players who seek to enhance this weapon will have to stock up on a decent amount of titanite scales. Dragon Tooth gives the wearer additional resistance to magic and fire, which is not at all surprising for a weapon that Havel wielded.

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