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description and location of all cheat codes

In Doom Eternal, you can launch completed levels by activating any of the previously found cheat codes. On the level selection screen, click on the “R” button to bring up a list of all the codes available to you. In total, there are about 15 cheat codes in the game, one of which (it is the very first in the list) activates all cheats at the same time. In today’s article, we are going to tell you where to find all the cheat codes in Doom Eternal.

Cheat code for infinite extra lives

What the cheat code does is clear from its name. Dumgai can still die in battle, but you will have a constant supply of extra lives. Find “Infinite Extra Lives” can be found in the “Hell on Earth” level. As soon as you pass into the metro tunnels and stumble upon tentacles, start looking for a box on the right side in one of the paths. Lift this box upstairs and take away the cheat code.

Cheat code “IDDQD”

IDDQD gives you infinite Guardian armor for your entire level. You can find this cheat code at the “Cultist Base” level. Having received the super shotgun, you will be taken to the arena, where you have to hit the cells. Kill all opponents, then go to the cage in the center of the arena and take a good look at it. Use the crossbars on the sides to climb up and take away the cheat code there.

Silver Bullet Cheat

After activating the cheat code for the silver bullet mode, all opponents will die from one shot / hit. You can find this cheat in the Doom Hunters Aviary. Climb up the column, next to which there is a laser net, and jump over the hole on the left to another column. Don’t go to the marked place! Instead, head to the top of the pillar and pick up the cheat code there.

Cheat code for infinite ammunition

Again, the name of the cheat speaks for itself. After activating the cheat, all (!) Your weapons will no longer need ammunition. You can find this cheat code on the Bloody Supernest level. In the place where you used the three keys, jump down to the left side of the closed passage. When you fall, turn 180 degrees to see the hole. Go into this hole and pick up the cheat code.

Cheat code “IDKFA”

IDKFA – cheat code to unlock all Dumgai’s arsenal and equipment. You can find the cheat code at the “Committee Complex” level. You need to find a room located immediately after the hall, in which the Executioner’s gates are located. Deal with the opponents, then jump through the window and climb over the pipe to another building. There you will find a hole in the floor. Jump into the hole and pick up the cheat code there.

Onslaught cheat code

With this cheat code, the Onslaught boost mode will work throughout the level. You can find the cheat on the “Core of Mars” level. As soon as you shoot yourself with a huge cannon and find yourself in a place with a whole bunch of “tentacles”, start looking for a hole. There will be a cheat code to the right of this hole.

Cheat code for “Rage”

The “Rage” mode will work throughout the entire level. The goal is the “Taras Nabad” level. Get to the place with the nest of blood, which is located before (!) The catacombs. Go no further than titanium! Look for a room with a bunch of barrels. As soon as you enter this room, immediately move to the left and look for a wall with a crack in it. The cheat code will be there.

Hunger mode cheat

If you decide to activate the cheat code for hunger mode, then the demons you kill will no longer drop health or armor. We only recommend this cheat for the most advanced Doom Eternal players. You are interested in the level called “Nekravol”. Go through the spiked arena through the cage with corpses. Then a formidable Marauder will attack you – be careful! Look for cells that go up somewhere. It is in that place, above, that the cheat code will lie.

Party Mode Cheat

Confetti will fall out of the corpses of slain demons. This cheat is great for a second playthrough or with friends who are familiar with Doom Eternal. This funny cheat code can be found in the Nekravol II level. Once you finish the battle in the blue energy room, look for the corridor on the left. Go into this corridor and jump onto the ledge to your left (there will be a grate). When you reach the ledge, look around to see a wall with a crack. Climb into this crack and find a cheat code there.

Instant stun cheat

After activating this cheat, each of your shot or blow will immediately put all opponents into a stupor, after which you can finish off on them. You are again interested in the “Nekravol II” level. The cheat code will be at the very end of the level, after the destruction of 2 chains. Go to the elevator shaft you climbed. Jump into the mine and climb into the hole (there is only one), the cheat is there.

Cheat code for the “Berserker” boost mode

Berserk mode will work throughout the entire level. However, be aware that the cheat code cannot be activated at all levels of the game! The cheat can be found at the “Urdak” level. After setting up the second ring (and there will be only three of them), leave the room and go left. Here you will have to find a niche with a destructible wall. Destroy this wall to find a cheat code behind it.

Cheat code for all runes

And again, the name of the cheat speaks for itself. The cheat code can be found in the Stronghold of the Guardians; at the location in which you find yourself before moving to the level you need. Go to one of the two towers outside and open its doors with two Guardian batteries. Next, jump into the hole to your left and useful into the niche, just below you. The cheat code lies in this place.

Cheat code for an upgraded suit

This cheat will unlock all upgrades for Dumgai’s Praetorian Armor. This cheat will lie in the same Stronghold of the Guardians. Pivot 180 degrees from the control panel and you will see a platform above you. This platform will have a question mark with a cheat code. Shoot the button, which will be on the glass to the right, so that a springboard appears in the room. Use this springboard to climb onto the platform and pick up a question with a cheat.

QuakeCon cheat code

After activating the QuakeCon cheat code, your actions will be accompanied by a standing ovation from the invisible audience. A cheat code is issued as a reward for completing a certain section of the story quest. Simply put, you don’t need to look for anything.

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