• March 4, 2024

detailed guide to the relic system

Along with the Greymoor add-on, the developers at ZeniMax Online Studios have decided to add the so-called “relic system” to The Elder Scrolls Online. To start interacting with this new system, you first need to take a trip to the city of Solitude, which is located in the western part of Skyrim. Once you reach a town with a depressing name, enter the building marked in the screenshot below and talk to a non-player character named Verita Numida.

As soon as you chat with this charming woman, a completely new tab will appear in your magazine – “Relics”. In addition, your characters will have access to two new ways of pumping: “Scrying” and “Excavation”. The first branch will help players find hidden relics on the continent of Tamriel, and the second will be useful for excavating these relics.

To see a list of available relics in a particular region, go to the “Scryable” tab. Of course, all relics differ from each other in terms of rarity. In The Elder Scrolls Online you can find:

  • green relics;
  • blue relics;
  • purple relics;
  • gold relics;
  • orange relics.

In general, as in any other MMORPG or shooter-looter. The more you collect relics, the more often you will come across rare specimens.

In search of a hidden relic

After you select the item you want in the appropriate menu, you will need to play a mini-game of the “connect-six-dots” type. If you do everything correctly, a mark will appear on your map with the exact location of the selected relic, if you make a mistake, several marks will appear, which will somewhat complicate and prolong the search. Leveling up the “Scrying” branch will greatly simplify the relic hunt.

We go to the excavation of the relic

But what does the excavation process itself look like? Yes, everything is simple: we use the antiquarian’s eye to find this very relic, and then we extract it.

Antique dealer’s eye

Having received the antiquarian’s eye, be sure to place it in your quick slot. If you don’t, the search for relics will turn into a real burden. The Antique Dealer’s Eye is used extremely often, and therefore it belongs in the fast slot.

Digging up the relic

Several skills can be used at the excavation site: foresight, brush, shovel, heavy shovel. All of these skills work exactly as you expect, and you shouldn’t have any problems with them. We observe the issued color (red, yellow and green) in anticipation and use one of the three tools to excavate the relic.

Helpful advice for mining relics

Want to get to the relic as quickly as possible? Then try the following:

  • use the antiquarian’s eye in all four corners of the relic zone to quickly localize the exact location of the item you are looking for;
  • use the brush first to level the ground and then use a heavy shovel to dig as much of the soil as possible.

After these simple actions, you will receive a relic – the search will end. In addition to the relic itself, you will stumble upon all sorts of items that can be sold for substantial money.

Good luck with your excavation!

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