• February 20, 2024

Detailed PS3 Firmware Guide

The Japanese PS3 console is a truly iconic console of the past generation, on which you can find many truly amazing games not available on other platforms, for example, One of Us, Uncharted, Heavy Rain and many others. Even if PS3 is no longer a priority product of SONY and the prices for its games have fallen, some owners of this console (or potential owners) do not really want to spend money on buying video games, as a result of which they resort to such a procedure as flashing the PS3.

In today’s article, we will see with you whether it is worth flashing the PS3, what pros and cons await you after flashing, and much more. Many people think that the process flashing incredibly difficult, but in reality it is far from so …

Pros and cons of a flashed PS3

So, the most obvious plus of PS3 flashing is the ability to install and play absolutely any games you like on the console for free, which will help you save a lot of money. Of course, if you are not against piracy, but if you are interested in this topic, it is obvious that you do not mind.

Among other things, after flashing, you will be able to install third-party software (homebrew) on the system. Also, after reflashing, you may be able to run games not only from optical media (disks), but also recorded on your HDD consoles and even on USB storage, which is extremely convenient.

Now about the minus of the flashing. After completing this procedure, there is an extremely high chance of getting banned from the Playstation Network account. Simply put, on a flashed PS3, you completely lose access to multiplayer games. Should I flash my PS3? Depends on whether you are interested in multiplayer games or not. If you got yourself a console for playing single games, then flashing it is not such a bad idea. But if you love to play FIFA or Battlefield online, this is not for you.

How to flash a PS3 with your own hands?

As we said at the very beginning, many people think that flashing the console requires some incredible knowledge or resources, but this is completely wrong. Perhaps the only thing you need is confidence and attentiveness. Let’s see with you how to reflash your PS3 yourself.

So, the first thing you need to do is check the version of the software that is currently installed on your PS3. You need to do the following:

  • start PS3;
  • open the “Settings” console;
  • go to the “System Information” section;
  • find the line “System Software”.

To install custom firmware, your PS3 must have software version 3.55… Not 3.56 or any other version – exactly 3.55. It is very important! If you try to flash your console to a different version, then it will surely turn into a real brick. Version below – update the console, above – do a downgrade.

New firmware for the console

You may have a question: what kind of firmware should I install? Well, frankly, there is no definitive answer to this question. The only advice we can give you for the selection of the firmware is to carefully read the reviews of other users who have already tried to install it on their console. Thanks to them, you will understand whether it is worth spending your time on it or not.

The process of installing firmware on PS3

Let’s see how to flash a PS3 from a USB stick. That’s right, you need a computer and a small USB storage to flash the console. First, you need to download the firmware file in the PUP extension to your PC. Once you download it, plug the USB stick into your computer and open it.

Create a folder called “UPDATE” on the USB flash drive, then copy the firmware file to this folder. Now rename the copied file to “PS3UPDAT.PUP”. And … that’s really all you had to do with the flash drive. Now – insert it into your Playstation 3 and start the console. Then go to “Settings” → “System update” → “Update from storage media”.

The inserted flash drive will be scanned and information about the update file that you previously recorded on it will appear on the screen. Make sure this is exactly what you want and select “OK” by pressing “X” (enter). Next, accept the license agreement and select “Launch”. And now you just have to wait until the installation of the new firmware is complete.

Alternative way of flashing

Unfortunately, the above method does not always end with a successful PS3 flashing and you may even encounter various errors and other unpleasant problems. If this happened to you, then you will need to resort to a slightly different method: through the recovery mode of the console (Recovery Mode).

So, first, insert the flash drive with the firmware into the USB port of the console. Also, don’t forget to connect your controller to it via USB so you can navigate the recovery mode menu. Once you are sure everything is ready, follow these steps:

  • hold the power button and release it as soon as the console restarts;
  • immediately after rebooting, hold down the power button again;
  • hold the power button until you hear one single beep and one double beep;
  • then click on the button with the Playstation icon in the center of the USB-connected controller.

Believe me, it sounds more complicated than it really is. As soon as you complete the above steps, the same recovery mode will appear on the screen in front of you. Use the controller to navigate down to the recovery menu to “System Update” and select it. The PS3 flashing process will be automatic.

How do I install games on a flashed PS3?

Many players who have successfully flashed their PS3 have a very logical question: how to install games on the internal storage (HDD) of the console itself? Well, let’s take a look at one of the options for recording games to HDD.

So, first you need to install software such as MultiMAN for yourself. In fact, MultiMAN is a file manager that will help you transfer the toy you need to your PS3 hard drive. You also need a computer, but given that you have flashed your console yourself, this should not be a problem. Once you have this program on your console, do the following:

  • download the toy you need to your PC, preferably in ISO format;
  • format the USB storage to NTFS format;
  • transfer the toy to this USB storage;
  • insert USB storage into USB port on PS3;
  • open the MultiMAN program;
  • switch it to the “MULTIMAN” mode (initially, the program will stand in the “mmCm” mode (the mode for running games)):
    • click on L1 or R1 to switch the program view;
    • select the very first item in the menu and find the “Switch to multiMAN mode” function;
    • select this function for the program to reboot and enter the “multiMAN” mode;
  • after switching the program to the desired mode, go to its first section and find the item “PFS Driver”, after which it will start scanning the connected USB-drive with the game;
  • then open the “File Manager” item and go to “PS3 Root”.

So, this is where you have to copy the game to your hard drive. Opening the file manager, you will see a small window with many folders. You need to find the “pvd_usb000” or “pvd_usb001” folder, which is responsible for the USB port on the console to which the USB storage with the game is connected.

Suppose you want the folder “pvd_usb000”; open this folder and find the folder or file with the desired toy in it. Use the X button on your controller to select a game and press the O button. Then select the “Copy” item in the menu that appears and exit the folder. Find the “dev_hdd0” folder (the internal hard drive of the PS3 console) and open it.

If your game is in an ISO image, then go to the “PS3ISO” folder, and if just in the “GAMES” folder. Now press the “O” button on the controller again and select “Paste”. Agree to copy the selected file. After 10-15 minutes the game will be on your console and you can easily launch it.

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