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do regular players need to play?

The poor go to sea for prey, the rich for glory (c) Scandinavian epic

Ranked Battles 2020-2021

Ranked Battles in 2020 became more casual – this is recognized by both the developers and those who play in them, mainly extras. Nevertheless, there are leagues, prize bonuses for these leagues and the opportunity to get a new promotional tank of level 10 Concept 1B, as well as a nine Kampfpanzer 50t, a tank that is pleasant in every way. In addition, the tops from the first league will undoubtedly be considered the authoritative experts in the world of tanks, and many players from among the skills are fighting for this title.

So, let’s try to figure out what ranked battles are fraught with for ordinary players, not skills, and whether it is worth playing them at all.

The meaning of ranked battles

The essence of ranked battles – pump out as much silver as possible from the pockets of the players (c) opinion on the forum.the essence of ranked battles

Of course, silver for those who participate in the ranks should be in good availability. The game goes on in tens they shoot a lot of gold there, while using gold consumables… In addition to silver, gold is also spent on retraining crews, changing equipment.

Ranked battles are recommended to be played with a premium account – for those who do not have one, they will incur a triple silver loss.

In short, for the player who plays tanks without donation, ranked battles do not bode well and it is better to skip this event… And many (including donators) complain that the ranks started right after the GC – the global ate all their silver reserves. And now, right after it, you have to enter the ranks with empty pockets, which hints at an additional donation. In ranked only the “Standard battle” mode is available on a number of maps.

The dull Airfield and Prokhorovka, where LT and TT are useless, respectively, are excluded from the list of maps, this pleases.

During the passage of ranked battles for experienceobtained in the game, chevrons are addedOn the winning team the ten players with the most experience receive a chevron. The rest of the chevron simply does not lose. Top 3 players get two chevrons On the losing team top-5 players do not lose their chevron, top-1 the player gains a chevron by experience. The rest lose their chevron.

So it’s better to get out, hit one shell and merge with 0 damage, but win than stand in the bushes, shoot 4k damage from the bushes, don’t get into the top 5 by experience and lose.

Total to pass in this season are provided ten ranks, they can be completed for fewer chevrons, which, in the idea of ​​the developers, should attract ordinary players to ranked battles. Upon reaching the top division, there is a game in leagues, there are three leagues, and there already being in them goes according to a competitive elimination system.

Rank 10 top division players are promoted to the third league.

Before starting the games, it is suggested qualify, spend twenty battles, according to their results the player is assigned a particular place in various divisions. During qualification, chevrons are not lost, but only acquired, but you can see them only after completing all the battles. All ranks are divided into three divisions, each with ten ranks. Obtaining a new rank is used when obtaining a chevron, in addition, there are stages with the protection of a rank, when it will be lost only after a series of unsuccessful battles, there are fireproof ranks that remain even after the loss of a chevron. They are different for each league.

There are also prize fights… They accrued based on qualifications, when moving to a new division following the results of passing the previous one, as well as after completing the daily quest. When you receive a chevron and there is a bonus battle, the number of chevrons doubles, that is, the system works like x2 with daily XP knockdown.

The daily bonus battle will expire if it has not been used before the end of the day.

One note is worth making here. It makes sense to play in the absence of silver reserves and a premium account, earning and spending a bonus battle. If they are not there, the game should be stopped and continued only the next day. This way chevrons will be acquired in fewer battles.

A daily bonus battle is awarded for effective play in a Defender, Light Attack aircraft and Heavy Attack aircraft:

  • “Defender” Earn 150 Role XP per battle.
  • “Heavy attack aircraft” deal 3500 damage.
  • “Light attack aircraft” get into the top 5 experience points on your team, regardless of the outcome of the battle.

To complete this quest, there is a certain type of car for each of these three roles, in total in the mode, all cars are divided into 11 roles, but only three are needed for a dayik.

The author advises to use vehicles of the class “Defender” and “Light attack aircraft”, they are the easiest to earn a bonus battle, and then you can spend a bonus battle on any other vehicle. The average player usually does damage in battles only by exchanging his HP, while vehicles of a suitable class do not have so much durability, and armor is also not particularly strong.

The main experience in the ranks is awarded as in regular battles. At the same time, additional experience is also awarded for performing one’s role, which tank the selected tank belongs to – you can see it in the game client… There is one interesting point here: the accrual of experience for finishing moves in regular battles occurs on a larger scale. The thing is, to get experience in ranks for a frag, you need to make at least two shots at it… That is, the “suckers” who roll onto the shotniks and hope to get a lot of experience for frags go by.

However, this does not take into account any Prog and Skoda, as well as Ob.140 and T-62, which can easily pick up a frag in two shots due to the drum and rate of fire. Well, this is already a small life hack, how to get experience on these tanks. Moreover, the T-62 and 140 are “Light attack aircraft” and are suitable for a daylik.


For passing the divisions, tokens are given. A player with a lot of tokens can receive a prize at the end of the season, depending on the number of tokens. Players who got into the third division, even if they did not play in it, get the opportunity to purchase the Kampfpanzer 50t tank for bonds. Players from the top leagues get the opportunity to earn Concept 1B. Also, those who played effectively have the opportunity to get a discount on the purchased equipment, for this you need to complete the tasks.

In total, vehicles that cost 20k coupons with the maximum discount will cost 8k coupons.

In addition, players from different divisions will receive bonds, boom equipment and a certain amount of silver for completing each rank. Small. And also complex and interesting battles in which everyone plays with full dedication and tries can be considered as buns. This is also interesting, many participate in the event just for the sake of this.

Also, for completing a daylik, 25 bonds are given, this is not much, but the bonus is pleasant, especially since the bonus battle is a plus.

Strategies for the average player

  1. A player without silver in the hangar. In this case it only makes sense to qualify… At the same time, one should not particularly hope that a million of sulfur in 20 battles will recoup the costs. Yes, this compensates for the costs, but only partially, and you just don’t need to drown these 20 fights – you need to act out normally, shine, inflict damage, tank, etc.
  2. A player with a desire to farm silver for ranks… Has the meaning qualify, spend prize fights, having received the maximum chevrons in the 1st division, then do dailyiki with the appropriate technology. If desired, continue the game in the 2nd division and reach the third. Qualifications are especially worth sweating
  3. Those wishing to receive Kampfpanzer 50t. Has the meaning reach the 3rd division and stop at it, then the game will already be difficult. The technique of passing – as in the previous case, maximum daily. With a strong desire, you can also farm silver on dull prems, donate, play without a daylik and prize fights.

Here, as in previous seasons, the following statement will be true:

you should play only from the second week, when all the purple ones will fly to the leagues and there will be cut among themselves.

In the first week of the ranked, there is no point in going through the quals, there the average player has little chance of getting into the top. In general, it is necessary to give a positive assessment to ranked battles, but competition still remains between the players, therefore the rank obliges to play well, actively, according to the role of your car, determined by the WG company.

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