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does not start, crashes, no sound

For 2 years, Days Gone remained a PlayStation exclusive and finally arrived on PC. The creators did a good job and really transferred the game to the PC with high quality, optimizing it in the right way. However, this does not mean that players do not report individual issues. Among other problems, they often complain about an error writing to a disk, crashes when starting the game, no sound, a broken joystick, etc. We have compiled a list of the most common problems that PC players may encounter, and have selected fixes for them, or at least crutches. with which they can be bypassed.

How to fix crashes on Days Gone?

Days Gone was originally a PlayStation 4 exclusive that came out in 2019. Many players gave the console game a high rating, even with some issues like freezing when loading new areas. By the time the game was released on PC, almost all previously known issues had been fixed. It was only at the time of release that other problems began to appear. Moreover, lags or freezes are practically not included in their circle, which is a rarity among games.

The following are common problems and errors that are encountered by those who play Days Gone on PC.

Days Gone crashes on startup

There are many claims that Days Gone can crash on PC without any additional symptoms. Here’s what can cause and help fix the problem:

  • Using Steam or Geforce Experience overlays. If you disable them, the game starts to run noticeably more stable. This is especially helpful for Geforce Experience users. To turn it off, you need to launch the Geforce tool, go to Settings, and under General, turn off the overlay.
  • Incompatibility with standalone software. Most complaints are about MSI Afterburner and RGB Software. It is better to turn them off for a while and check the result. If everything works, we can try to update the software.
  • Outdated or problematic video driver. It is worth trying to update the graphics driver, or better yet, uninstall and reinstall it from the official website.
  • Processor overclocking is active. It may not work properly with the game, so it is better to return the graphics adapter to the nominal frequency set from the factory. To begin with, you can lower the frequency by 100 MHz. In order not to mess with such settings, you can simply limit the maximum FPS of Days Gone at 30-60 fps.

Fixing Days Gone errors

Breakdown, crash, crash of the video driver

The game crashes randomly to the desktop and displays the message “Video Driver crashed and was reset! Make sure your drivers are up to date. Exiting… “. If translated into Russian, it means “The video driver stopped responding and was restored.”

How to fix the crash:

  • We reinstall the video card software. You should reinstall your graphics drivers and check if that helps.
  • We refuse overclocking. We return the operating mode of the video card to the one set at the factory.
  • Limiting fps in the game. This can be done through the “Nvidia Control Panel” or similar software.

Disk write error

Due to a disk write error, players are unable not only to play Days Gone, but also to install or update the game.


  1. We issue administrator rights for the game. To do this, right-click on Steam.exe, go to “Properties” and on the “Compatibility” tab activate the “Run this program as administrator” checkbox. After saving the settings, we can start Steam again and the game in it.
  2. We change the parameters of reading through the command line. We can find it by right-clicking on Start. Then we sequentially enter: diskpart – list disk – select disk # (instead of # enter the disk number) – attributes disk clear readonly. After each command, separated by a hyphen, press Enter.
  3. We reinstall damaged files. To do this, you need to exit Steam completely, go to the program folder, then to the logs and content_log directory. Scroll down and look for failed to write. We open the file with notepad and look at the files that were not recorded correctly. We go along the paths indicated here and delete the files. We launch Steam again, it should recover the problematic data automatically.

Fixing Days Gone errors

Launch problems: won’t launch, crashes, black or white screen

Quite often, PC players say they can’t launch Days Gone or the game crashes right away. The listed problems can occur due to the following reasons:

  • An unsupported version of the operating system is installed on the computer. Days Gone will not run on Windows 7, 8.1 or any 32-bit OS. If Windows 10 x64 is installed, proceed to the next solution.
  • Rename the Films folder. We need to open Days Gone in the Steam library, open the game properties and go to the Browse Local Files section. Having moved to the directory with the game files, rename the “Films” section to any other and try to start it again. Once you’ve entered Days Gone, go back and name the back folder Films.
  • We turn off the security system. Many antiviruses, and often Windows Defender, still block game files. Naturally, it cannot be loaded and crashes almost immediately. We recommend temporarily disabling antiviruses and other protection tools, and then starting the game. If everything worked, then you need to add it to the exclusions or whitelist, depending on the program.
  • Install Microsoft Visual C ++. The absence of some dll can cause a fatal error, and most of them belong to the given development environment. Reinstalling Microsoft Visual C ++ should help.

No sound in Days Gone

Numerous Days Gone players have posted on the forums that there is no sound in the game, only silence. Several reasons can provoke the absence of sound, among them:

  • Incorrect audio output exposed. Open “Settings”, section “System” and “Sound”. On the “Application volume and device settings” tab, expand the “Advanced sound settings” list and set the appropriate playback device.
  • Rename the Films directory, similar to the solution in the previous method.

Xbox controller not working

Many Days Gone players prefer to use a joystick from the Xbox One or Xbox Series X. This is great for playing, but often may not work as expected.

How to fix it:

  • Configuring Steam. Open the program, go to “Settings” on the “Controllers” page and uncheck all the boxes on the “General” page. We try to start the game and check if the gamepad works in it.
  • We return the control configuration to its original position. To do this, you need to make changes in Steam Big Picture mode, and then discard them. It often helps.

Fixing Days Gone errors

So far, that’s all we know about the bugs and issues in Days Gone and how to fix them. Here we covered methods to fix no sound, crashes, Xbox controller crashes, video driver errors, and more. Hopefully this has helped with your problem. If you have another problem, write about it in the comments.

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