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Completely irrelevant and unplayable. You shouldn’t go for promotions and discounts, under no circumstances do we recommend downloading this technique.

Hello tankers! Wotpack is with you and today we have prepared an overview of the branch, pumping which will now be a waste of time. We are talking about Chinese tank destroyers, which the developers have now included in the action “Into Battle”, given discounts and combat missions for them.

The branch owes its appearance in the game to the focus of the campaign on the Asian region. Initially, it was not planned to introduce it on RU servers, but nevertheless it was added in August 2017.

Today it remains one of the most unpopular branches of tank destroyers in the game, but this does not mean that all the vehicles are bad there. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with its main representatives in more detail.

The level 2 and 4 cross-country vehicles are distinguished by good visibility and camouflage, which facilitates firing at medium distances. But at level 3 M3G FT just the same the worst among classmates for these indicators. They are deprived of armor as such, so it is in their own interest to remain unnoticed by the enemy as long as possible. The difference between stock and top-end guns: the former are more penetrating, while the latter have more one-time damage. However, they all provide a decent enough DPM for their levels.

From level 5 to 60G FT the gameplay begins to change to a more aggressive one:

  • health points have increased;
  • increased damage per minute and accelerated aiming time;
  • the dimensions have significantly increased and, as a result, the invisibility has decreased, which will no longer allow you to sit out in the bushes;
  • accuracy is poor, so you will have to fire from the second line while supporting your allies.
60G FT

Despite the declared high power density, the car is not impressive in terms of mobility. The reason for this is low cross-country ability and, as a consequence, poor mobility.

Further WZ-131G FT, which is well suited for players who prefer to shoot damage from the side, beyond the main battle. This device combines two key advantages:

  • good mobility allows you to quickly take up positions convenient for firing;
  • accurate, penetrating weapon with good alpha;
  • high invisibility.
WZ-131G FT

WZ-131G FT does not forgive mistakes, therefore, requires careful and thoughtful play from its owner. If we compare the gameplay with the rest of the Chinese tank destroyers, then this one feels most comfortable in single-tier battles.

At level 7, an already mediocre car T-34-2G FT, on which the pleasure of playing at random is rather dubious. It has good dynamics and a low silhouette, so it is superb stealth. However, with the main role – causing damage it is difficult for her to cope. The 122 mm gun sometimes takes out due to the large alpha, but in this case it combines all the main disadvantages:

  • low armor penetration;
  • long mixing;
  • mediocre accuracy.
T-34-2G FT,

Basically, T-34-2G FT not to say that it is bad, it has no armor, and the parameters of the gun do not allow playing from concealment at a long distance.

Level 8 WZ-111-1G FT will delight you with large one-time damage, high armor penetration and comfortable UGN. But still, it is difficult to find a use for it on the battlefield:

  • ambush style is not suitable due to poor accuracy and long aiming;
  • there is not enough armor and mobility for the assault style;
  • it is also difficult to call it universal with such shortcomings, rather it is not universal.
WZ-111-1G FT

Pre-top technique WZ-111G FT in terms of advantages, it continued the traditions of its predecessor: excellent alpha and penetration. The forehead can sometimes even beat off shells, but it is necessary to hide the NLD and not expose the sides.

WZ-111G FT

Top branches WZ-113G FT more advanced, the above parameters are even better, and the aiming of the gun has become faster. However, against the background of other Tier 10 tank destroyers, one of the lowest armor penetration with a basic shell immediately catches the eye (the “nine” has one of the best among classmates) and at the same time, in contrast, gold penetration is one of the best.

WZ-113G FT

But some of the disadvantages of the last two cars are common:

  • large dimensions, so it is difficult to miss them;
  • the size of the vehicle has a negative effect on mobility;
  • vulnerable areas in the frontal projection;
  • very low speed of flight of projectiles. When shooting ahead, you need to take 1.5 hulls of an enemy tank, or even more.

Objectively speaking, the branch ends at 6-7 levels, even there you can go to the Chinese PTShkah. Starting from level 8, representatives of this branch are among the worst in terms of average damage per battle and percentage of victories. There are many more interesting techniques in the game that deserve attention.

At the same time, despite the unplayability of the branch in modern randomness, the premium tank destroyer WZ-120-1G FT is very versatile in use, much better than the pumped G8 and remains one of the best for farming.

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