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Don’t Starve Together: Survival Guide

One of the most addictive survival games that may seem daunting to many players at first. However, if you act correctly in it, then survival will not seem so impossible.

Don't Starve Together Top 10 Survival Tips

Don’t Starve Together is a multiplayer game from the developer Klei Entertainment. In it you have to survive in an amazing, fantastic, but full of dangers world. And to make it easier, you should familiarize yourself with Don’t Starve Together Survival Guide

Form the perfect team

Form the perfect team

  1. Only good characters should be on the team.
  2. It is not necessary to mindlessly add new characters to the team, but to choose only those whose abilities interact with each other.
  3. Try to dilute your team with characters who have unique abilities to “cover” the weaknesses of your stack.

In the first minutes of the game, it may seem that choosing a team is a difficult task, but this is not entirely true. It is enough to carefully study the abilities, skills and bonuses of the characters to collect the perfect combination. Such a command will make the gameplay even more interesting and exciting.

Beginners should pay attention to Wilson and Woody… They can be called universal characters who are suitable for almost all tasks. From Wolfgang and Wigfried you will get wonderful hunters, tk. they perform well in battle. A Willow and Wes – great characters for loot that will help you find more useful items.

Such a team can be called ideal, because it is equally balanced in all directions and will cope with any task.

Distribution of tasks

Distribution of tasks

  1. Each member of your team has to do a specific task.
  2. Try to avoid downtime, regardless of the time of day or season.
  3. In order not to get confused, make a list of tasks and distribute them among the characters.

Correct distribution of tasks will allow the team to survive. If, however, mindlessly issue orders, then the characters simply will not be able to follow them all. For example, if you send everyone to search for food, then there will be no one to defend the camp, or vice versa.

The game has several directions in which need to pay attention: finding food, creating weapons, creating defensive structures, developing agriculture, developing science and technology, battles and much more. It is physically very difficult for one player to control all this, and therefore it is necessary to distribute tasks in the team.

Terrain exploration

Terrain exploration

  1. Send 1-2 characters to explore the area.
  2. Pay attention to the most useful locations and remember their locations
  3. Mark for yourself locations with a large amount of valuable resources.

The exploration problem is one of the most vague challenges in Don’t Starve Together. Exploration will give an idea of ​​where and what resources are located, which will allow the team to develop faster. But for one player, this is far too large a task, if not feasible at all. And here when several characters are exploring the map at once, then the team is developing much faster.

Use chests

Use chests

  1. One of the team members should be looking at the chests all the time.
  2. Try to somehow organize the items in the chests to make them easier to find.
  3. You shouldn’t keep all the chests in the camp. There must be hiding places nearby, just in case.

Loot is one of the main and most important mechanics of Don’t Starve Together. However, the initial inventory of the characters is extremely small, even if you use an additional backpack. Chests are very helpful in helping to “unload”. The team will not only not lose important resources, but will also be able to get them at any time if necessary.

Chests will allow you to craft things much faster. Anyway, they will make the team much more prepared for unexpected or emergency situations.

Base location close to enemies

Base location close to enemies

  1. Choose the ideal location for your base, preferably close to certain types of enemies.
  2. Try to figure out which items are falling from which mobs.
  3. Don’t forget that some mobs can even be used to defend yourself against more aggressive monsters.

An excellent option is building a camp near the Beefalo habitats… These are quite dangerous mobs, but only if provoked. But it is possible and quite normal to coexist with them. Moreover, Beefalo can even be tamed.

This scenario will allow you to receive free manure for farms, and most importantly, Beefalo will defend your base from other, more aggressive mobs, which will save you from unnecessary battles at the start.

Don’t be afraid of monsters.

Don't be afraid of monsters.

  1. No matter how dangerous the monsters are, you can get incredibly important items from them.
  2. When exploring the map, try to remember where and what monsters are. This will allow you to better prepare yourself to fight them.
  3. Monster Meat can be used to cook food that will fill you much faster.

The monsters in Don’t Starve Together can significantly ruin the development of any team. They are incredibly powerful and dangerous, but they can also be very beneficial.

For example, monster meat can be used as bait to catch spiders or buzzards.

The main benefit of monster meat is extremely fast character saturation… However, this happens if the monster meat is correctly combined with other ingredients.

Do not forget that such food will slightly lower the health and sanity of your characters.

But it’s still better than starving the team members.

Use mods

Use mods

  1. Mods are installed directly on the server, and every player who plays there can enjoy their benefits.
  2. Not all mods are designed to make it easier to play. For example, some of them unlock new, more useful characters, while others open up new game modes for players.
  3. Be sure to take advantage of mods that make character control and cooperative play even more comfortable and convenient.

During the entire existence of Don’t Starve Together, many different modifications have been released on it, which have a positive effect on the gameplay. The list of extensions is so huge that sometimes it is even difficult to choose a suitable one, because they are all useful and interesting in their own way.

Pay particular attention to mods with the addition of additional resourcesas well as on the mod when all players are open to each other on the map… One way or another, and all modifications of Don’t Starve Together will further improve the team spirit of the strategy and greatly simplify the game tasks.

Build a quality and secure base

Build a quality and secure base

  1. Choose the perfect location for your camp. It is advisable to have good resources and food nearby. Do not forget about the cover from the side of various creatures.
  2. The base should be located in a location from which the world can be easily explored.
  3. When setting up a camp, consider space for a large number of storage facilities. It is desirable that crops can be planted on the land of the camp. Also, the camp should be as safe as possible for your team.

Don’t Starve Together, in terms of base building, is not much different from other games in a similar genre. A quality camp is a place where you can bring loot and resources, where you can safely develop science, technology and alchemy, where the team will feel safe and from where they can defend themselves with dignity, especially at night when monsters go hunting “.

As for the defense of the base, then it can be strengthened by erecting the same walls. The camp can serve and a kind of collection pointwhere all players will meet. However, Don’t Starve Together is a unique game that sets no boundaries.

You can play without a base, but in this case you will have to strain yourself and act much more isolated and carefully.

Don’t forget about farming

Don't forget about farming

  1. Agriculture should not be idle. Always use seeds and seedlings to re-plant your vegetable garden and replenish resources.
  2. The game time in Don’t Starve Together goes by very quickly, so you have to replenish food resources often. Farming is the perfect way to keep your characters from starving.
  3. When planting a “vegetable garden”, try to systematize the seedlings so that later it would be more convenient to deal with it and get resources faster.

Agriculture is one of the most important aspects Don’t Starve Together, because it may be that there are very few useful resources and food on the map. The developers made everything as simple as possible. Not enough resources – take it and grow. Even grass and trees are important in the game, not to mention edible plants.

Thus, by growing resources at their side, the team gets an excellent opportunity to provide themselves with everything they need for the near future, which will have a positive effect on its development.

Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

  1. As in real life, winter in Don’t Starve Together needs to be prepared well in advance.
  2. The first winter is the hardest, because beginners simply do not have time to properly prepare for it.
  3. Preparing for Winter is a key mission that the team should focus on immediately after building a good base.

Winter in Don’t Starve Together is the most dangerous period of time… Added to other complications is terrible cold, and new types of monsters… But if you prepare correctly, then in winter you can not stop developing.

Initially worth take care of warm clothes… Fire should always be at hand for your characters. If it works, then you can stock up on thermal stonesthat retain heat and transfer it to team members.

Of course, during the winter season, survival in Don’t Starve Together becomes much more difficult, but if the team is well prepared for the cold, then the winter monsters will not become a serious problem for them, as well as global survival.

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