• September 29, 2022

Don’t waste blueprint fragments on these offers! ❌️Top 3 worst in the WoT store

Suggestions that are nothing more than cheating players on blueprints and do not deserve attention.

worst deals HERE

Greetings tankers! With you Wotpack and the three worst offers for exchanging blueprint fragments in World of Tanks. This promotion is being held for the first time, so some players may spend precious “currency” on unprofitable deals.



Among the wide assortment for customizing equipment, you can pay attention to at least one of the 2D styles, but only if if you have a shortage of them or one really liked it.ice armor

For example, I took only “Ice Armor”, just because I like it.

Training brochures and guides

Purchase study materials at 20,000 and 100,000 experience is impractical because of their cost. Moreover, the former can often be obtained for daily combat missions, and both of these versions will become rewards in the new season of the Battle Pass (you can choose a nation).

If you spend blueprints, it’s better to buy a universal manual, and save national ones for researching technology.


crew with 1 perk

If you need a full-fledged crew for vehicles with 3-4 tankers, then it is more profitable to buy with two perks, rather than one. This is more profitable than pumping from scratch for training materials and will be a good help after the release of the changed Crew 2.0.

You can find a list of the best deals at this link.

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