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Dragon’s Blood. The series that will change the game

Only the inhabitant of the uninhabited island has not yet heard of the imminent release of the series “Dota: Dragon’s Blood”… A landmark event for the entire franchise will take place March 25, 2021 year and will give fans of the game a lot of surprises.

Dota: Dragon's Blood.  Poster

“Battle of the Ancients” in anime format is something new for the Dota 2 project, and regardless of your attitude to this genre, the company Valve and Gabe Newell have already decided everything. In any case, the brainchild Netflix you need to give a chance to look at your favorite game from a different angle, get a portion of the new lore and deeply immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Dota.

The series was developed over 2.5 years a team of five screenwriters who had to painlessly integrate the characters straight onto the big screen. Whether they coped with their task, we will find out March, 25, but for now it’s time to parse teaserswhich gave us a general idea of ​​the upcoming premiere.

What to expect from the release of the Dota: Dragon’s Blood series?

Dota 2. Dragon Knight (Davion)

You can immediately say that the developers of “Dragon’s Blood” are brave people. They promised to submit to the viewer emotional, epic and truly adult story… And if everything is clear with the first two points, how much the tape will turn out to be an adult, a strict age qualification hints at us – 18+… From the teasers, it became clear that rivers of blood, brutal battles, drinking not the most harmless drinks and even strong words from the main characters await us. It is still difficult to say something about the erotic content of the picture, but the presence of the corresponding scenes cannot be ruled out, which is confirmed by insiders from the creators

It should be noted that the series promises expand the boundaries of lore… The creators try to stick to the story, but easily add new characters and circumstances to it. Previously, this role was played by a card game. Artifact, but most recently Valve stopped supporting it. With a high degree of probability, it is in the series that we will see new hero, the release of which should take place before the end of the first quarter of 2021. There is no doubt that Valve went to create their most ambitious marketing project to expand the Dota 2 audience

By the way, if you’re still not sure if the show is going to be really popular with fans of the franchise, take a look at the change. picrate of Davion after the release of teasers.

Dota 2. DC peak frequency

Obviously, the game is too complicated and confusing for new users, so their influx is very limited. There is a high probability that this spring we will be presented tutorialwhich will allow the novice gamer to master the basic skills for a successful start. There has never been any good learning in Dota, so this project can be extremely useful.

The Western gaming community is campaigning for a tougher response to violators in Overwatch, because new users, faced with an aggressive community, will not stay in Dota 2 for a long time.

Meanwhile, it became known that the film will not be limited to 8 episodes – there are 3 seasons in development

Dota: Dragon’s Blood anime plot

Dota 2. Purple lotuses (lotuses) have blossomed

You can understand the essence of the events taking place in the feed by evaluating the content of the teasers. First of all, we will be told about the formation of a hero Dragon Knight (Daviona) and his dragon hunt Slyrak (who, by lore, transferred his power to the knight). On this difficult path, he will be helped by an older friend Kayden and squire Bram

The second storyline is the invasion of Silver forest of the inhabitants of the Well of Souls.

The Well of Souls is an underground prison where unwanted demons are sent.

At first, one might think that the main enemy of Davion, Mirana and the Moon would be Underlord… However, the studio began to release posters, the combination of which allowed us to obtain QR code… Following the link, we found secret teaser with the famous marauder Terrorblade starring. This means that the protagonist will have more enemies than expected.

Dota: Dragon's Blood.  Terrorblade is one of the main antagonists of the series

Another mysterious figure – Invoker… He supports Davion and the company, but the reputation of a calculating wizard allows you to count on some kind of trick on his part.

It is Incover who will reveal to Luna and Mirana that their goddess Selemene – far from an angel, she has her own goals and vision of the situation.

By the way, the owners of the exclusive landscape Sanctums of the divine, probably noticed that along the river blossomed magic lotuses… It was them that Selemene presented to her followers and she herself was always present on the battlefield of the ancients, since her spirit is enclosed in flowers.

Anime is hardly complete without love line – Davion constantly flirts with Mirana, diluting the general atmosphere of tension.

There is another mysterious character whose identity has not yet been revealed – this is poster girl… She is probably Mirana’s companion, but so far it is difficult to say more.

Dota: Dragon's Blood.  Mirana, Davion and the unknown girl

The viewer will not hear familiar voices in the original version of the film, the people who took part in the dubbing of the tape are the new faces of the franchise. Rumors persist about reborn models Mirana and Davion, as well as Invoker in the game, as evidenced by some indirect signs, but for now this question is a secret sealed with seven seals.

What hero will be released this spring?

Dota: Dragon's Blood.  Selemene is possibly the new hero of Dota 2

Of course, the community expects from the series not only the exciting adventures of their favorite characters. The minds of gamers are worried about the thought of release of a new character, which should appear before us very soon. There is no doubt that this event will be tied to Dota: Dragon’s Blood like the opening cinematic. Diretide appeared to be associated with the emergence Hoodwink

Dota 2: Hoodwink Release

Valve’s marketing department recently announced that the company’s policy will be more open to ordinary users. That is why Gabe is now playing charades with the community, introducing new characters. And if a squirrel with a crossbow in the newspaper was not easy to notice, today all the facts indicate that soon Selemene will appear in the “battle of the ancients”.

  1. Purple lotuses on the map Sanctums of the Divine – a gift to the priestesses from the goddess of the moon.
  2. According to the anime plot, when the flowers bloom, Selemene appears (and they blossomed).
  3. It is around her that is expectedfierce confrontation Of the Silver Forest and the Well of Souls.

Of course, Valve can play thinner, because it is likely that spring event – this is not just a legend, and a hint about the personality of a new hero is easily integrated there. But only the event itself is still in question, and in its scale it cannot be compared with the whole series.

If you are looking for something to watch over the weekend and the Dota anime is still waiting for a long time, then we recommend checking out our selection of the most anticipated TV series in 2021. Some of them have already been released in online cinemas!

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