• September 24, 2023

EGS Giveaway, Free Games On Steam Starting April 8 + Resident Evil Re: Verse Open Beta

A selection of unusual indie projects and a multiplayer title based on one of the most iconic franchises in the entire history of video games. Everything can be obtained absolutely free for permanent use or during beta testing.

Distribution of games from April 8

The world of free games is getting wider every day. And if earlier the “free game” meant a project that makes money on donation, now you can play really cool projects without investing a penny. Here is a small selection of games that you can take to your library from April 8.

👉New distribution of games👈


There are not many interesting games released for free on Steam this week, but we did pick up a few titles. They are made in different genres and are definitely worth your attention.

Free games

Daedalus – No Escape

Daedalus - No Escape

Another interesting game has become free on Steam. This time, access was opened to a futuristic shooter Daedalus – No Escape… You have to get on a spaceship and take on the role of a brave paratrooper who fights aliens to save his ship.

The game also has single and multiplayer modesso you can always share the drive of any galactic shootout with your friends. There are not so many weapons – only 9 pieces, but all of them are deadly enough to repel alien invaders.

Steam rating: 82%

You can pick up the game at this link.



Platformers are an incredibly addicting method to relax and pass the time. IN Biphase you have to not only jump over ledges, but also solve puzzles, therefore, this project will appeal to even the most corrosive gambling addicts.

By plot the main character suffers from bipolar disorderand the whole game design of the levels is based on this fact. In fact, the title invites you to get acquainted with the disease through images, and this attracts from the first minutes of the game.

Steam rating: 97%

You can pick up the game at this link.

Space ninja simulator

Space ninja simulator

IN Space ninja simulator you have to destroy asteroids and save your home world by playing the role of a skilled space ninja. There are three levels in the game in total, but each of them has its own unique gameplay, so you definitely won’t get bored.

Travel through portals to different worlds, destroy the space threat and enjoy incredibly spectacular scenes of explosions and destruction. Game tested for Oculus Quest only.

Steam rating: 81%

You can pick up the game at this link.

Resident Evil Re: Verse Beta – Open Beta

Resident Evil Re: Verse

April 8-11 open beta test for Resident Evil Re: Verse. Anyone can evaluate the game right now absolutely free of charge, without preliminary registration and filling out questionnaires. There is only one condition – you must have an active Capcom ID.

This multiplayer game will be released with Resident Evil Village, and now everyone can try their hand at 5 minute deadly battles. In each battle, from 4 to 6 players take part, who try on the images of their favorite heroes of the series.

Steam rating: 50%

You can take part in the beta using this link.

Indie gala

Indy Gala continues to delight its fans with unusual games that could have gone out of your attention if not for the distribution. Free this week cozy, atmospheric sandbox, where you can spend dozens of hours relaxing and exploring a new, colorful world.

World’s dawn

World's dawn

World’s dawn Is a sandbox in which you have to live a new, exciting life in a cozy suburb. You can farm, communicate with locals and even find love. The project is inspired by the games “Stardew Valley” and “Harvest Moon”, so if you liked one of these titles, you should definitely try this game too.

They come here for relaxing gameplay and a beautiful picture. Despite the primitive style of drawing, it is simply mesmerizing during the game. In addition, the project is given special charm 32 detailed NPCswith whom it is pleasant to communicate and interact.

Steam rating: 81%

You can pick up the game at this link.

Epic Games Store

EGS does not deviate from its principles and shares a new free game every week. This time I got into the distribution their own comedy projectthat will appeal to every gamer.

3 out of 10: Season Two

3 out of 10: Season Two

An unusual game from the EGS team, which is comedy interactive animation sitcom… It is filled with gaming jokes for gamers that only true connoisseurs of the industry will understand. Who follow the news.

Heroes constantly find themselves in ridiculous and funny situations that you have to go through with them. Except for the story itself the project is filled with mini-games… At the head of the plot is Midge – a new employee of the gaming company, which has its own, special goal.

You can pick up the game at this link.

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