• September 30, 2023

Enchanting in Skyrim – the best enchantments

Choice effective charms is carried out based on the type of weapon, the imposed effects and your own style of play. This principle allows you to acquire the perfect combat kit. for different situations from components of any degree of rarity and the amount of damage inflicted.

Skyrim - weapons

We have studied the list of the most useful spells in Skyrim and prepared TOP 15 charmsthat you should pay special attention to. The list contains the most useful enchantments, but do not forget that for each class and preferred gameplay it is not at all necessary to be guided by the order of the enchantments in the rating.

After all, for this we love Skyrim, that its replayability is beyond praise, and you can play at your own pleasure with any builds.


Skyrim - magic

A good choice for those who decide to fight with the whole army of daedra (which is rare in Skyrim). Despite specific field of application, Banished is very effective against enemies that summon dark entities from Oblivion. One hit will be enough for the Daedra representative to go to his abode.

The Magic of the Silent Moons

Skyrim - mace

To get the moon spell it is necessary to disassemble any weapon with this effect at the Quiet Moons camp near Whiterun. With their help, Dovahkiin will be able to apply 10 to 20 damage fire at night. Not the most useful magic in the game.

Scare away the undead

Skyrim - overlord

Allows you to flee draugr and skeletons up to level 13 (max. up to 16). This kind of enchantment will come in handy for players who have chosen the path of a mage rather than a melee warrior. Otherwise, Dovahkiin will have to catch up with your own enemiesto do some damage to them.


Skyrim - fear

Similar to the previous spell, which will help repel the attack of several enemies at the same time. Fear compels creatures and people up to level 9 (max. up to 58 and 62 respectively) retire from the place of battle within 30 seconds (max. 60). The advantages for mages and disadvantages for fighters remain the same.

Electric damage

Skyrim - electricity

Effective against sorcerers a remedy that drains their magical potential. Classic enemies with a lot of health and stamina less susceptible to damage of this type, and to counteract them it is wiser to use spells of fire or cold.

Absorb magic

Skyrim - absorb magic

If the thought of a collision with powerful magicians causes anxiety, it is urgent to acquire a Shout or a weapon with this effect. “Absorb Magic” deprives the enemy of vitality and fills Dovahkiin with them. In the event that the player’s build is closely related to witchcraft, reprisals against competitors will be especially pleasant.

Absorption of stamina

Skyrim - Dragonborn on horseback with a sword

With an enchanted weapon with the Absorb Stamina effect, any encounter with a melee enemy may appear light warm-up… Even when the opponent is capable of dealing a huge amount of damage in a series of consecutive attacks. Dovahkiin with a two-handed weapon, accustomed to relying on infinite endurance, will like this alignment.


Skyrim - paralysis

Paralysis is one of the spells of the school of change that can immobilize an enemy for 10 seconds (max. 33). By paralyzing the enemy in this way, you can safely destroy him or temporarily focus on more dangerous opponents. Chance to trigger an effect when dealing damage with an enchanted weapon is 26%

Cold damage

Skyrim - cold

One of the most widespread and frequently encountered type of enchantments in the game, applied to weapons. Cold damage can be severe slow down or completely immobilize the enemy… It is a destructive agent against magicians who are deprived of the ability to resist frost elements.

Fire damage

Skyrim - Fire Damage

The peculiarity of fire damage is that the impact on the enemy can continue long time after one hit… Coupled with the prevalence of enchanted weapons of this type and the ability to interact with the environment (with flammable surfaces and explosive objects), it is a good source of passive damage.

Chaotic Damage

Skyrim - Chaotic Damage

A unique type of enchantment that appeared with the release DLC Dragonborn and has established itself as the most powerful destructive magic. This was facilitated by 50% chance of dealing damage with three types of elements: cold, fire and sparks. From now on, the player who owns such enchantments will not have to choose a narrow specialization and look for the enemy’s weak point.

Damage to stamina

Skyrim - Melee

A spell that has a certain similarity to the absorption of a store of strength, but is no less useful in battle against the leaders of the bandits or lords of draugr. One hit from enchanted weapon takes away 15 units of stamina from the enemy… If you take advantage of this feature after a couple of powerful attacks of the enemy, he will cease to pose a significant threat to Dovahkiin.

Magic Damage

Skyrim - Orc

The main damage falls on the store of magical powers, so enchantments are effective against hostile magicians. A few blows will be enough to quickly disarm the magician and deprive him of his main advantage over a melee warrior.

Capturing souls

Skyrim - capture souls

A minor, but no less important skill for those who prefer to enchant weapons with own soul stones… To get a charged and ready-to-use artifact, it is enough to weaken the enemy, and then absorb his essence with the help of the Soul Trap enchantment.

Absorb health

Absorb health

A well-deserved favorite among the previously mentioned spells. Enchantment, absorbing enemy health and replenishing due to this the vital forces of Dovahkiin, reduce the duration of the fights. In addition, you no longer have to spend healing potions and use regenerating spells. A real dream for any warrior.

Do not forget to write in the comments what charms and spells you prefer, and what your choice is connected with. More Skyrim content can be found here.

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