• April 22, 2024

Epic Games Playout List 2020

Every day until the end of the year, the Epic Games Store will be giving away games for free. Several projects from this list have already been confirmed, and the titles here are not the coolest, which makes it more believable.

EGS confirmed leaked hand list in December

EGS distribution dates in December

21.12. Alien: Isolation – Survival Horror with stealth elements.

22.12. Metro 2033 (Redux version) – FPS and Survival horror based on the famous series of novels. It is difficult to find a gamer who has not heard about one of the best domestic games. The reissue of the multi-platform video games Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light will be handed out.

23.12. Tropico 5 – an economic strategy and city-planning simulator with sandbox elements, where we are invited to take on the role of a dictator on a separate island.

24.12. Inside Is a platformer with puzzle elements.

25.12. Darkest dungeon Is a turn-based RPG roguelike with a gothic atmosphere. We recommend taking a closer look at this unusual project. The players liked it, has very high positive reviews on Steam and was rated 84 on Metacritic.

26.12. My Time at Portia – combines aspects of role-playing video games and simulations.

27.12. Night in the woods – a quest in which the player has to control an anthropomorphic cat and deal with the dark secrets of the neighboring forest.

28.12. Stranded deep Is an open world survival simulator on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

29.12. Solitairica – a mixture of RGP and roguelike in the setting of solitaire cards. The game has a storyline, various magic spells and items to defeat the main boss.

30.12. Torchlight ii – action RPG, one of the best diabloids. The game is still 2012, the oldies should remember and appreciate it. Recently a sequel was released, but fans were disappointed, the game did not make a positive impression.

31.12 Jurassic World Evolution – economic simulator in the world of the Jurassic period.

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