• April 22, 2024

Equalizer M53 Premiere at WoT

SPG with unique defensive fire mechanics + premium status = the dream of an artificer and a terrible nightmare for the heavy!

Hello tankers! Today we will tell you about the new US Tier 8 SPG Equalizer M53 in World of Tanks. The only caveat is that it has appeared so far only on consoles and has not yet reached large tanks. It is most likely that the appearance of premium art in the computer version of the game is a matter of time, given that the mechanics are prepared and there are ready-made models with formed characteristics. In addition, this is the second SPG award.

We have prepared a short overview of what to expect from such developer ideas. On first impressions, it turned out very interesting and rather unusual.

The very first thing that catches your eye when looking at the Equalizer M53 is full rotation tower… This is definitely a claim for good map control, as there is no reference to the horizontal guidance angles.

Mechanics “Barrage” available when the machine switches to the appropriate mode. You can also fire like a conventional SPG. That is, the Equalizer M53 can switch between two modes of fire.

Now a few words about the new mechanics. Of course, this is also a Grad or Katyusha MLRS, but not bad, as for a VOT. Defensive fire mode allows you to fire 4 shots at intervals of 0.75 seconds. The main nuance is that each next shot will inflict less damage on the enemy than the previous one.… But on the other hand, the hit probability is much higher than that of classic SPGs.

This mode is especially effective against the accumulation of enemies. Imagine being so discharged on the Front Line by the enemies standing on the capture? You can take 1-2 ranks at once. And if you still have the skills Airstrike or Shelling, you can even solo the zone.

To understand more clearly how this SPG works in battle, we have uploaded small demonstration videos for you:

It is noteworthy that the performance characteristics are slightly different between the classic mode and when activating the new mechanics:

Key characteristics include:

  • large one-time damage of 1250 units;
  • long mix 6 seconds;
  • good mobility;
  • very high armor penetration.

Taking into account all the parameters and features, this ACS clearly claims the title of imba. They will release it in the PC version, developed when they want to cut money, because 100% it will be in great demand. Perhaps it will not be sent to the public sale, but will be made a reward for a difficult marathon, as was the case with the wheeled LT EBR 75 FL 10 and which next time became available only a year later on the Black Market.

How exactly the developers will present this is anyone’s guess. In the meantime, we invite you to participate in the survey and share your opinion, or write comments on how you feel about such an idea.

Premium SPG survey

Would you like to see such premium art in the game? You 2 vote

I’m an artist



Too toxic



I will then delete the tanks 🙂



Interesting, but imboo, you need to nerf



I don’t play SPGs at all



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