• March 22, 2023

ERR_GFX_D3D_SWAPCHAIN_ALLOC_2 Could not locate DirectX files 12: 4 working ways

Sometimes, when trying to start the game Red Dead Redemption 2 or GTA 5, the user may encounter a message that appears on the screen with the following content: “ERR_GFX_D3D_SWAPCHAIN_ALOC_2. Cannot find DirectX 12 executable or compatible graphics card. ” Often the reason for this error is a new graphics card driver or an incorrect repack of a cracked game.

Error solution

There are several ways to fix this error and enjoy the game to the fullest. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Could not find DirectX 12 files with error code ERR_GFX_D3D_SWAPCHAIN_ALLOC_2

Method 1: reinstall DirectX 12

DirectX is installed by default in Windows 10. The version of the library of components depends on the type of graphics adapter. Even though DirectX is built into the OS, reinstalling it isn’t difficult. There are several steps to follow.

  1. Disable system protection. This must be done first, otherwise the OS will not let you delete the library. To disable it, open “Start”, then “System” and select “System Protection” on the left panel. In the window that opens, you need to click on “Configure”, mark the marker “Disable system protection” and save the changes.
  2. Remove DirectX. To do this, you will have to use third-party software. DirectX Happy Uninstall is great. With its help, you can not only delete files, but also restore them. You can also use any other similar utility. It is worth noting that the application will only delete the main files, but not all.
  3. Installing missing components. You can do this by going to Microsoft’s official website and looking for the “DirectX End-User Executable Web Installer”. After downloading the installer, you need to open it and install DirectX, taking into account the prompts.

reinstall DirectX 12

After reinstalling the libraries, it is worth restarting your computer.

Method 2: update or replace video card drivers

Another reason for the “could not find Directx 12 files” error is a problem with the video card drivers. To fix it, just go to the website of the graphics adapter manufacturer and download new versions of the software suitable for a specific model. Also, for updating, you can use special applications that do this procedure automatically.

Method 3: create a system.xml file

The absence of the Settings folder for the game may also lead to an error. The full path to it should be: C: Users Username Documents Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption 2 . To fix the error in this case, you need to:

  1. Open the folder and find the “Settings” directory, and if it is absent, create it.
  2. Make a new text file.
  3. Go to rdr2.forceflow.be, click Load Examle and copy all the text into an open document.
  4. The file must be saved under the name system.xml.

Could not find directx 12 files

After these steps, the error should no longer appear.

Method 4: change the graphics parameters in system.xml

Another option to fix the error is to change the parameters in the system.xml file (if it was already on the PC). For this you need:

  1. Find the line “kSettingAPI_DX12” and replace it with “kSettingAPI_Vulkan” or vice versa.
  2. Find an element with a screen resolution and set the monitor parameters: screenWidth value = xxxx, screenHeight value = xxxx.
  3. In the penultimate line, you can see the name of the video card, for example, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER. Here you need to copy and paste the full name of the model installed on the PC.

Could not find directx 12 files

One of these methods will definitely help to eliminate the error, after which the game will open immediately.

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