• March 4, 2024

Error 0x8d050002 Microsoft Store In Windows 11 – Solutions!

When trying to install Discord, PowerToys, Adobe Reader, VLC, or other apps from the Microsoft Store, you may receive error 0x8d050002. It occurs only in Windows 11. It looks like a crash may appear when you try to add any application to your computer. There are many cases of this error, and they are all on the client side. At the same time, other users can download and install applications normally. This time we are not talking about a typical network error related to server unavailability.

Posting this issue will help us understand better. You can wait a bit and try again or restart your device. This can help. Code: 0x8D050002

Why does error 0x8d050002 appear?

Error 0x8d050002 can be related to several problems:

  • you have completely disabled UAC;
  • antivirus blocks the Internet connection or partially restricts the work of the Microsoft Store;
  • directory access problems.

The assumption that error 0x8d050002 occurs due to incompatibility of the installed application with Windows 11 has not been confirmed. Moreover, the failure appears even in those applications that work perfectly with the new operating system for other users.

How to fix error 0x8d050002 in Windows 11?

The secret of error 0x8d050002 lies precisely in the “User Account Control” utility. For some reason, if you disable UAC completely on the system, the Microsoft Store refuses to install apps. Apparently the system is waiting for an explicit permission to install, but UAC does not pass it and the installation is aborted. A good place to start is by enabling User Account Control.

What should be done:

  1. In the line “Run” (Win + R) enter UserAccountControlSettings.exe and press Enter.
  2. On the User Account Control Settings page, move the slider one step up.
  3. We press the “Ok” button.


It is worth trying to see if this method was able to fix the error 0x8d050002 in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11. There are a number of confirmed cases in which this worked. However, there are also more specific cases in which a different solution is required.

Auxiliary ways:

  • Work with third-party antivirus. If an antivirus from a third-party developer is incorrectly configured and considers the Microsoft Store and its connections as insecure, you may receive error 0x8d050002. To check this, it is enough to temporarily disable it from the tray. If the problem goes away, you will need to update its Microsoft Store exceptions and its connections.
  • Issuance of rights to access the folder. One of the affected users reported that they started encountering an error after changing the owner of a folder. It can also happen for those who have changed the access rights to Program Files / WindowsApps or a specific application inside it. It is worth granting use permissions for the system, administrators and users. All this is done through the “Properties” menu and the “Security” tab.

It seems that the listed solutions for error 0x8d050002 work for most users, thanks to the words on the forums. However, we are not sure that this is a real panacea. Please write in the comments if any of the above helped you. If you have other valuable information, be sure to write about them too.

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