• September 28, 2023

Error 0xc000007f in Windows 7, 10, 11: causes and solutions

The typical situation for error 0xc000007f is that the computer cannot be hibernated. This button in the shutdown mode menu may or may not be present. If it is, an error message appears immediately after clicking. If there is no button, some people try to put the PC in this mode using the command line. Fortunately, this error can be easily resolved in most cases.


The operation was not completed due to insufficient space on the storage medium.

How to fix error 0xC000007F?

In most cases, the problem is really in the lack of free space, as stated in the text of the message. Although how much is needed, nowhere is it said and we will figure it out. Sometimes the problem can be in the disabled hibernation mode, you can also easily enable it yourself.

Free space

The main reason for error 0xc000007f in Windows 7, 10, 11 is that the system does not have enough disk space. To understand the question a little better, you need to understand the peculiarities of the operation of the hibernation mode itself. Its essence is that data from RAM is unloaded onto a hard disk or SSD and the system is almost completely turned off. At the moment of starting the computer, data is retrieved from the memory of the drive and transferred to the RAM.

What is the conclusion? The amount of free space must be greater than the amount of installed RAM. For example, one person on the forum already has 64 GB of RAM, and only 30 GB of space. There seems to be a lot of free space, but not enough because of the large amount of RAM. In order for hibernation to work normally in such a system, you need to free 64 GB + 10%, that is, 70 GB.

An important nuance – we are talking specifically about the memory on the system logical disk, that is, where the operating system is stored. Under normal circumstances, this is the C drive.

The solution to error 0xc000007f is to clean up the C drive or increase its space. The first option is to remove unnecessary programs, media files. The second way is to reallocate space (take some from one disk and add to the other). If you perform a similar procedure through the system tool, you will have to perform formatting. But there are special programs that allow you to perform redistribution without losing data. For example, Aomei Partition Assistant.

Enable hibernation

Logically, error 0xc000007f indicates a lack of space and should go away by itself after freeing it. However, in some cases it is necessary to additionally enable hibernation mode, since it is absent and for this reason does not work.

Here is a series of commands that should help:

  • C: Windows system32> sfc / scannow – scanning system files.
  • C: Windows system32> powercfg.exe / hibernate on – enable hibernation. If an error occurs after the command, you can try an alternative option – powercfg –h on
  • C: Windows system32> powercfg.exe / a – load supported standby modes on this computer.

Error 0xc000007f in Windows 7, 10, 11

To date, the best solution to error 0xc000007f in Windows 7, 10, 11 is to clean up space. An important emphasis is the space on the C drive and in sufficient amount. If this does not work and an error is displayed when you try to turn on hibernation mode, you need to dig further towards problems with this mode.

If you have any questions, write about it in the comments. We will also be very grateful if you describe: did any of the methods work for you or what results did you get after their execution.

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