• March 4, 2024

Error 0xD000000D in Windows Store: Solution Methods

A fairly large number of Windows 10 users encounter error 0xD000000D when opening the Windows Store or while performing certain actions within the store application itself. This problem appears only on Windows 10 and can be found in many different system builds.

Causes of error 0xd000000D

After examining multiple user complaints, we were able to compile a small list of potential causes for the error.

  • A bug in the Windows Store. There are several not very successful builds of Windows 10 (especially version 1709 and below), on which all kinds of errors in the store application quite often occur. Fortunately, this problem has been well researched by Microsoft, and they have developed automated tools to troubleshoot the problem.
  • Outdated Windows build. As it turned out, error 0xD000000D can manifest itself on outdated versions of Windows 10. If this is the problem, then it is enough to update the system.
  • Login with a local account. It has long been known that the Windows Store can throw various errors if a user tries to download or use applications while under a local account. The solution is to sign in to a full Microsoft account.
  • Corrupted files in the Windows Store folder. File corruption is one of the potential causes of error 0xD000000D. As a rule, this happens when the antivirus mistakenly places some files important for the Windows Store into quarantine. The situation is corrected by resetting the components of the store application.

Error 0xD000000D is not a serious problem for the system, but it can completely block the user’s access to the Windows Store. Therefore, use the methods below to get rid of it.

Methods for solving error 0xD000000D


Method # 1 Applying the Troubleshooter

You can try to fix error 0xD000000D using the troubleshooter, a special utility developed by Microsoft. Follow these steps:

  1. press the key combination Windows + R;
  2. enter the value “ms-settings: troubleshoot” (without quotes) and press Enter;
  3. go down to the “Find and fix other problems” section and click “Windows Store Apps”;
  4. click the Run the troubleshooter button;
  5. after running the tool, click the “Apply this fix” button;
  6. restart your computer.

Method # 2 Installing available updates

Error 0xD000000D can be caused by the lack of certain updates on the system. Installing all available updates may resolve the issue. Try the following:

  1. press the combination Windows + R;
  2. enter the value “ms-settings: windowsupdate” and press Enter;
  3. click on the “Check for Updates” button;
  4. follow the instructions on the screen to install any available updates;

    The note: if the system recommends restarting the computer, restart it. After rebooting, go back to Windows Update and continue installing the updates.

  5. once all updates are installed, restart your computer.

Try logging in and see if the problem has been resolved. If not, then move on to the article.

Method # 3 Sign in to your Microsoft account

Some users claim that the 0xD000000D error occurs when logging into the system using a local account. You can try to fix the problem by logging in through a full Microsoft account.

  1. Press Windows + R and run the command “ms-settings: emailandaccounts”;
  2. go to the “Email address” tab. mail; uch. application records “;
  3. find the section “Accounts used by other applications” and click on the button “Add a Microsoft account” or “Sign in with a Microsoft account” if you already have one;
  4. when you are logged into your system with your Microsoft account, restart your computer.

As soon as the computer turns back on, check if the error 0xD000000D appears.

Method # 4 Reset Windows Store

If none of the above could help you, then it’s time to try something more serious. There is a possibility that this error is caused by damage to some Windows Store components. This is fixed by resetting the store application.

Resetting the Windows Store via App Settings

  1. press Windows + R and run the command “ms-settings: appsfeatures”;
  2. find the Windows Store in the list of installed applications;
  3. open additional application options;
  4. click on the “Reset” button in the section of the same name;
  5. press “Reset” again to confirm your intentions.
  6. after the reset, restart your computer.

Reset Windows Store via Command Prompt

  1. press Windows + R to open the Run window;
  2. enter the command “cmd” and press the combination Ctrl + Shift + Enter;
  3. in the command line, enter “WSRESET.EXE” (without quotes) and press Enter;
  4. wait for the process to finish and restart your computer.

We hope that at least one of the methods was able to help you in solving the error 0xD000000D.

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