• February 22, 2024

Error 10 on Tricolor TV: how to fix

Some subscribers of digital television Tricolor TV are faced with a rather unpleasant situation: when watching TV on their TV screen, error 10 appears. The message of this error contains the following information:

No viewing access. To resume
viewing it is necessary to pay for the service “NAME OF SERVICE”. Learn about payment methods in the receiver’s menu “How
pay “(error 10)

The whole problem lies in the fact that the subscriber – at least according to his statements – paid for all the relevant services, but he still gets some kind of incomprehensible error on the screen. In today’s article, we will try to give you solutions for this situation.

How to fix error 10 in Tricolor TV

It is worth noting that in many cases, error 10 occurs due to the fact that the subscriber did not pay for the services of the selected package, but simply deposited money into his personal account. It is extremely simple to check this:

  • go to the tricolor.tv web resource;
  • open the “Support” section and click on the link “Checking connected services”;
  • then you will need to enter the receiver ID (or your contract number) and symbols from the image in the captcha into the empty fields;
  • as soon as you finish filling in the fields, click on the “Check” button;

In the same window a little below the status of your receiver in the system and subscription will be displayed. And if you just don’t see the subscriptions in the list, the money most likely ended up in your personal account and you just need to put it on the package you need.

This can be done relatively quickly and easily, but you will need access to your Personal Account on the Tricolor TV website, which is not a problem if you have a password. However, let’s digress a little and tell you how to get a password for your personal account for users who do not have one.

To receive a password from your Tricolor TV personal account, do the following:

  • follow this link https://lk-subscr.tricolor.tv/#Login;
  • click on the link “Get / Recover password”;
  • enter the required data on the next screen, i.e. surname, name, patronymic, ID / number of the contract;
  • then check the box next to the preferred method of receiving the password: via SMS or Email (we recommend receiving it by email);
  • enter characters from the image in the captcha;
  • click on the “Get / Recover password” button;

As soon as you click on the above button, you will be returned to the page with the ID / number of the contract and password. Now you need to wait until the password from your personal account comes to your phone or email, which will happen almost immediately.

Use the password and enter your personal Tricolor TV account. Go to the “Services” tab and pay attention to the line “Personal account balance”. If you see a fairly familiar amount of money, you’ve found what the problem with error 10 in Tricolor TV is. You need to transfer money from your personal account to the account of the selected service package.

The note: if you do not see the money in your personal account, then something definitely went wrong during the crediting of funds and you need to take the received payment receipt and go to sort out the place where the payment was made.

Go down below on the same page and find the “Personal Account Management” section. Select the name of the service you want to transfer funds from the drop-down menu, enter your preferred amount, for example, 1200 rubles, and click on the “Transfer” button. As soon as you do this, the amount specified by you earlier is considered from your personal account, and during verification and in your personal account, it will be indicated about the activation of the service package.

Now you need to wait a little for another hour before your receiver receives an instruction to make a payment from the subscriber, after which error 10 will be eliminated.

What if error 10 persists?

Unfortunately, some users are faced with a situation where the above instruction does not help them to eliminate error 10: they paid for the required package, if such a need arose, but nothing has changed – the error screen appears.

If so, you can try the following:

  • make sure that your Tricolor TV receiver correctly sees the smart card or your ID, if it works without cards;
  • Error 10 can be caused by a weak reception signal, so you need to check if this is the problem;
  • disconnect the receiver from the mains, go to your personal account and click on the “Repeat activation commands” button and reconnect the receiver to the network, then switch to the channel on which the error 10 occurred earlier.
  • leave your receiver in this position for about an hour without performing any operation on it.

We did all of the above in order for the receiver to receive the activation codes sent by you through your personal account to open access to the channels of the selected package. Unfortunately, if this instruction did not help you eliminate error 10 in Tricolor TV, contact technical support, since the problem was definitely much more serious.

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