• September 28, 2023

Error CE-109502-7 on PS5 – working solutions

Error code CE-109502-7 on PlayStation 5 appears due to a problem with the internet connection. Its characteristic feature is manifested when trying to access the network through a cable LAN connection. While Wi-Fi is the easiest way to connect to a network, Ethernet cable remains the most reliable. Plus – this method allows you to get the maximum network speed, lower pings and virtually eliminate delays. Some users noted that they encountered this problem when connecting to Wi-Fi, but they were helped by resetting the router and switching to a different frequency (2.4 GHz for those using 5 GHz, and vice versa).

Why is error CE-109502-7 appearing on PS5?

So far, little is known about it, but our general guesses point to local network problems. Among them: the wrong IP address, an unsecured connection and the fact that the router did not assign an IP to the console. The situation may be the result of special network security settings or a limitation on the number of connected devices.

How to fix error CE-109502-7?

At first, we will offer fairly standard methods, but most users rely on them. Despite all the banality, you only need to start with them.

Things to try:

  • Restart your PS5 console… To do this, press the PS button on the controller and select “Restart PS5” from the quick access menu.
  • Restart network router… Most likely, you are connecting the console with a cable from the router, and not directly from the provider. To quickly eliminate many problems with it, it is worth restarting. Usually, for this, there is a special button on the case, which you need to hold down for 7-10 seconds.
  • Update PS5… In the first half of the PS5 lifecycle, the console has many problems that are added with updates, and the next upgrades are fixed. It is worth trying to install a new version of the operating system. To do this, switch to a 2.4 or 5 GHz wireless connection and start an update search.
  • Use a different cable for LAN connection… The Ethernet wire is often damaged. One missing contact in a connector on a router or console can cost the Internet. Ideally, you should try a different cable and evaluate its performance.

When all of the above is done, you should try more specific methods.

Set static IP

Since we know that the CE-109502-7 error can appear due to a problem with the assignment of the IP address, we can try to set it manually. This is not very difficult to do, so it makes sense to try the method.

How to assign an IP address on PS5:

  1. Go to PlayStation 5 settings and select the “Network” tab.
  2. Now you need to click on “View status” and record the basic data.
  3. Open the “Connection settings” section and click on the “Manual” option.
  4. Enter the cable option, and then set the correct IP address settings. You can issue a special IP using the admin panel of the router by binding it to the MAC address. However, you should first try the same parameters as those obtained automatically.
  5. We set MTU to the “Automatic” position and activate the “Do not use for proxy server” item.

error CE-109502-7 on PlayStation 5

The main thing to consider is your internal IP address, not your external one. That is, it is not the one that sites on the Internet see. The internal IP is used, through which the device sends requests to the router. It is important to check that the console has its own IP, if it is repeated on other devices, you should change this address.

Change Wi-Fi security settings

The main task is to go to the router’s network settings (admin panel), all login information is located on the label, and it is on the Wi-Fi router case. What to check here:

  1. Limit on the number of connected devices. Usually the tab is called “Access Control”, “User Limit”, etc. It can be located either on a separate tab or in the “Security” section.
  2. Filtering MAC addresses. If you have MAC filtering enabled, you need to add the console’s network address to the list of allowed devices.
  3. Disable traffic control. In order to increase the speed, some users in the router set priorities for individual devices. It may be that the console has nothing left, you need to change this.

error CE-109502-7 on PlayStation 5

This is all the information you can find about error CE-109502-7 on PlayStation 5. Based on this, we can conclude that some of the methods should work. If you are unlucky more than the rest, all you have to do is contact Sony technical support.

A big request – if you managed to solve the problem in these or other ways, write in the comments about your situation. This will greatly help the next readers.

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