• February 22, 2024

Error CE-35327-0 on PlayStation 4 – how to fix it?

CE-35327-0 on PlayStation 4 is a variation of the PlayStation 4 network error that appears when trying to connect to PSN servers or when linking a Sony account to social media. Most often occurs due to an attempt to sync a Facebook or YouTube account with a Sony profile. As always, if there is a PSN error, the first step is to check the stability of their servers. on a special page… After that, you should move on to more complex causes of the error.

How to fix error CE-35327-0 on PS4?

Most likely, you’ve already tried restarting your console and Wi-Fi router – this is the right solution. If you have not followed the steps listed, be sure to do this work. It will not be superfluous to update the operating system if there are upgrades pending installation.

1) Change the frequency of Wi-Fi

Many users answer that switching from automatic to static mode worked for them. First, we recommend trying 5 GHz, as this frequency is more stable, faster and less loaded. If that doesn’t work already, you can try switching to 2.4 GHz.

How to change the Wi-Fi frequency:

  1. Open the admin panel of the router (the address is indicated on the sticker on the bottom of the case along with the login information).
  2. On the “Selecting the operating frequency” tab, switch from the “Automatic” option to the 5 GHz position.

Error CE-35327-0 on PlayStation 4

2) Log in to your account

Some people have experienced logging out and logging back into their personal account on the console, which may indicate that their profile data has been corrupted.

What should be done:

  1. Go to the “Settings” section on the console and select “Account Management”.
  2. Click on the “Exit” option and complete the account deactivation procedure.
  3. On the same page, select the “Login” button, and then specify the data from the account.

Changing the main console can also help. If you have several of them, it is worth transferring the privileges of the main game console to the second device, and then returning it back.

3) Change DNS address

Error CE-35327-0 on PS4 can appear due to a problem with DNS: delayed response, incorrect or unstable operation, clogged cache, etc. To eliminate the possibility of this kind of problem, you should set DNS manually. In most regions, Google DNS is ideal. To do this, you need to go to the settings and manually set the necessary parameters (by default, the “Automatic” option is selected). should be used as the main address, and should be used as a backup.

4) Use a cable connection

There are a lot of users in the topic thread Reddit subscribed to the fact that it was this method that helped them. Most likely they were dealing with the Wi-Fi frequencies, which we had already changed. If this action did not work, then you should switch to the cable. It is enough to stick an Ethernet cable into one of the inputs on the router and into the console, and then go to the settings on the “Network” tab, select “Configure an Internet connection” and select “Use LAN cable”.

5) Disable proxy

A prerequisite for the stable operation of PSN and all its online functions is a stable connection, which VPN and proxy cannot always provide. The logical solution would be to turn off the intermediary servers from the path of the network connection. However, if you still have it inactive, you should try the opposite action – use a proxy. Suddenly, the matter is in the unavailability of local servers, and after switching to another region, work will be restored.

Error CE-35327-0 on PlayStation 4

6) Open ports

The official support service says that for the stable operation of the PSN, you need to provide access to the main ports. They can be changed in the Wi-Fi router settings by creating a special rule. Plus, sometimes, they are blocked by the provider itself.

The following ports must be open:

  • TCP 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480, 5223, 10070 to 10080;
  • UDP 3478, 3479, 3480, 3658, 10070.

As of today, these are all known fixes for error CE-35327-0 on PS4, not counting the dubious options. By them we mean: database reconstruction, console initialization, game updates and reinstallations. When all else fails, you can try them too, but we are confident that some of the methods described above will work.

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