• October 6, 2022

Error DC040780 in Windows 10/11 – what to do?

You could see the error code DC040780 in the event viewer of Windows 10, 11. Those who monitor the state of their operating system know that a considerable number of various errors occur in it. Windows can fix many of them on its own, they only indicate an unsuccessful launch of some component, after which, most likely, a second attempt was successful. Now we will figure out which group the error DC040780 belongs to: a quick response is needed or it can be ignored, what are the causes of the problem and how to fix the failure.

Security Center failed to verify the caller with error DC040780


The main cause of error DC040780 is a third-party software conflict with the Windows Security Center. Especially often the problem is caused by antiviruses from other developers. Their security systems conflict with those built into the system, as a result, a log entry appears with the code DC040780. Much less often, the cause of the malfunction is the incorrect operation of other applications.

How to fix the error?

We are aware of several real ways to fix error DC040780. However, it is not necessary to search for solutions if the failure does not affect the stability and performance of the operating system in any way. Those who prefer to fix any kind of problem should do the following.

What to do with error DC040780:

  • Delete Acronis True Image. Very often, the program conflicts with the built-in Windows protection system.
  • Delete McAfee. We are talking about both antivirus and McAfee Security Scan Plus antivirus scanner and other products like McAfee Security Endpoint. Removing them should solve the error problem.
  • Disable Security Center Windows. If you value a third-party antivirus more than the built-in one, you can simply turn it off. Using the registry, you can quickly switch it to a mode where the protection tool will not respond to any user actions and the error will disappear. To do this, go to the registry editor in ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesSecurityHealthService and change the Start value from 0 to 4.


It is possible that other protections may conflict with Windows Defender. Therefore, it is worth either disabling the third-party antivirus or the built-in one. Everyone will decide for himself which tool he likes best. Regardless of whether it worked for you or not, please unsubscribe in the comments. This will help us make the article more informative.

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