• February 22, 2024

Error “The program xrEngine.exe has stopped working” in the game STALKER: Clear Sky

A lot of indignation is caused by a mistake “The xrEngine.exe program has stopped working” in “STALKER: Clear Sky”. All due to the fact that the game cannot be started at all, a critical error immediately appears. We noticed that the crash is usually preceded by the installation of the Windows 10 “creators update”. On this basis, we conclude: the reasons for the error are the features of individual components of Windows 10. Today we have already managed to find 3 effective ways to fix it.

STALKER Clear sky

Method number 1: activating the DirectPlay component

If the DirectPlay network API is inactive, file sharing with online game servers becomes very difficult. In STALKER, disconnecting a component is a very common cause of an error. DirectPlay is useful software, so we recommend activating it.


How to enable DirectPlay:

  1. go to the “Control Panel” by right-clicking on the “Start” button;
  2. select the “Programs and Features” tile (if the view mode is “Large icons”);
  3. click on the link on the left side of the window “Enabling and disabling Windows components”;
  4. after a short search and building the list, set a check mark next to “Legacy Components”;
  5. expand the list of items (next to which we have checked) and put a flag next to “DirectPlay”.

Method # 2: running STALKER in compatibility mode

Windows 10 supports changing compatibility for programs. We can run an application, in particular STALKER, with Windows 7 compatibility.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. right-click on the game shortcut and select “Properties”;
  2. go to the “Compatibility” tab;
  3. we activate the “Compatibility mode”;
  4. select “Windows 7” in the drop-down list;
  5. apply the settings and close the window;
  6. enjoy the game.

Method number 3: update the video driver

There is a high probability that the video card drivers were not updated with Windows 10 or during the installation critical. If you put working and up-to-date drivers for the “dozen”, the game should start without problems.

Update video driver

How to update your video adapter driver:

  1. right click on “Start” and click on “Device Manager”;
  2. open the “Video adapters” catalog, right-click on the adapter and select “Properties”;
  3. go to the “Driver” tab and click on “Update”;
  4. click on the option “Automatically search for updated drivers”.

As a last resort, a complete reinstallation of the game may be required. Usually, you don’t have to resort to extreme measures; you can fix the error using one of the above methods.

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