• December 1, 2023

Error WS-37368-7 on PlayStation 4 – account blocked

Error WS-37368-7 is a consequence of a locked profile connecting to SEN. Simply put, this is an account blocking. Most likely it came as a surprise, since quite often the problem appears out of the blue. This is a notorious problem because the user cannot workaround or fix things. Still, there are some useful pieces of information to help you figure it out.

Blocking options

Today, the types of bans differ into several categories:

  • By duration: temporary and permanent. In the first case, the user does not need to do anything, the lock will automatically go off after the expiration date. The second option means that you will only have to play offline, without the ability to connect to online servers.
  • By type: profile or console. official representatives are authorized to ban both the account itself (most often) and the prefix (less often). If the problem is a blocked account, just register a new profile and everything will work. However, all games will have to be purchased again (in the case of an online key). In the case of blocking the console, nothing can be done, you will have to be content with playing alone or buy a new device.

Usually, information about the reason and type of the ban is indicated below the error code. More detailed information should come to the mail with which the account is associated. If you do not have access to your account, you can call technical support 8-800-200-76-67. To identify the user, you need to transfer the email address, ID, name and date of birth.

Is there anything you can do?

The bad news is that the decisions of the lockdown service are final and cannot be challenged. An exceptional situation is the blocking of a profile due to unpaid debt. If you redeem it, the service will return the ability to use the account.

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