• May 22, 2024

Error WS-37403-7 on PS4: causes and solutions

When logging into your Playstation 4 account, you may receive an error with the code WS-37403-7. This error usually appears for the following reasons: maintenance of SONY servers, an outdated version of the console firmware, or incorrect DNS settings in the PS4 network settings.

Solving error WS-37403-7 is very simple with just two reliable methods. First, we recommend that you wait an hour or two and see if the error goes away on its own. Perhaps the problem is on the side of SONY itself. However, you can use the methods below if the error persists.


Method # 1 Change DNS addresses

It is important that the correct DNS settings are set on your PS4. Perhaps it is the addresses of the DNS servers that are set by the console system by default that cause the WS-37403-7 error. Now we will try with you to expose the public addresses of DNS servers, and then see if this solves the problem. Follow these steps:

  1. open your console settings;
  2. go to the “Network” section;
  3. then select “Establish an Internet connection”;
  4. specify the type of network connection (Wi-Fi or LAN cable);
  5. select the “Special” item;
  6. now write down your password for the wireless network or immediately go to the next step if you are using a simple cable connection;
  7. set the value “Automatic” in the IP-address settings;
  8. do not enter anything on the DHCP Hostname screen;
  9. in the DNS settings, select “Manual”;
  10. for the primary DNS, specify the address “”, and for the secondary – “”;
  11. do not set anything in the MTU and proxy server parameters.

After changing the DNS server addresses in your console, try again sign in to your PSN account. Perhaps bug WS-37403-7 has been fixed.

Method # 2 Update PS4 Firmware

It is imperative that you regularly update the software on your console. The error considered today could just be the reason for the outdated firmware on the PS4. Let’s try to update the software for your console:

  1. turning on the PS4;
  2. open the console settings;
  3. then go to the section “Updating system software”;
  4. click on the “Update” button;
  5. after downloading the update file on the function screen, select “Notifications” and go to “Downloads”;
  6. select the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen to install the new firmware version.

After updating the software on your PS4, the WS-37403-7 error should be resolved.

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