• December 6, 2023

errors, high load, no sound, code 17014

The PC version of The Division 2 is prone to various bugs. Users often complain about anti-cheat blocking, various crashes, 90-100% CPU load, complete silence during the game, messages with code 17014 and other problems. Here is a list of the known and common errors in Division 2 and how to fix them.

Troubleshooting The Division 2

The Division 2 is a very successful piece of the popular shooter. Sikval received huge changes for the better in comparison with the previous part. Ubisoft’s Warlords of New York expansion brings an even greater variety of content. However, with the release of the extension, the number of errors and problems that The Division 2 faces has increased. These include incorrect operation of the anti-cheat protection system, notifications about suspicious system files, launch problems, and more. Until the developers fix them, we offer brief instructions on how to solve most of the problems found with the game.

Display driver not responding

After the release of the Warlords of New York DLC in The Division 2, many players began to see error messages. Usually they are something like this: “nvlddmkm display driver stopped responding” and then “driver recovered successfully” appears. The message clearly indicates a problem with the GPU. The best fix is ​​to uninstall the current driver and install a newer version. Installing from scratch often helps, as opposed to automatic updates.

Are there no positive changes? It is worth turning off DirectX 12. Turning it off will help fix the error. Another way is to limit the number of frames per second to 30, thus reducing the load on the video card. Then we can gradually raise fps to a comfortable level, at which there is no error.

How to fix a fatal error?

There is a group of players whose The Division 2 is constantly crashing. For some – immediately upon launch, for others – at a random moment in the game. The first step is to turn off DirectX 12, which is still unstable. The next cause of the problem is an outdated version of Windows 10. It is worth updating your operating system.

Fixing the problem with Easy Anti-Cheat

Easy anti-cheat errors occur in The Division 2. The protection system often reports that it is blocking the file “C: Windows system32 comdlg32.dll”. There are also errors in which “insufficient privileges” is displayed.

What to do:

  • Open the folder where EasyAntiCheat is stored and delete the “certificates” directory. You can start the game and check its status.
  • Temporarily disable your antivirus or Windows Defender. If after deactivating them everything worked, you should add the game to the “White List”.
  • Open the game folder where EasyAntiCheat is located. We reinstall the application and run it as administrator.

Removing lag in mouse movement and high CPU usage

Increased CPU utilization results in mouse twitching and lagging in The Division 2. It is difficult to play in such conditions. The good news is that the situation is easy to fix with one command.

What should be done:

  1. Press Win + R, enter regedit and click on “Ok”.
  2. Go to the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion Image File Execution Options TheDivision2.exe PerfOptions.
  3. Double click on the CpuPriorityClass parameter and set the value to 1.

This will result in a priority reduction for The Division 2 to Standard. This should remove the high CPU utilization.

What to do if SFX is missing or there is no sound

Many gamers are faced with problems with sound, it may be completely absent or not only the accompaniment for shooting. Right-click on the sound icon and select the “Spatial Sound” option and set it to “Off”.

If the parameter is missing, you should open the “Control Panel” and select “Sound”. Now you need to go to the “Properties” of the active device for sound playback and activate the “Dolby Atmos” option.

Other solutions include disabling VOIP. For Logitech headsets and speakers, turn off the Logitech Surround service.

Last option:

  1. Open the “Device Manager” through the PCM on Start.
  2. In the “Audio Controllers” section, delete the active device.
  3. Disconnect the headset from the PC and reconnect after 5-10 seconds.
  4. To restart a computer.

Account not affiliated with Uplay

Some players who purchased The Divison 2 from the Epic Store are experiencing problems connecting to their Uplay account. Most likely the problem appears in a specific browser. It is recommended that you change your web browser to a different one, or set Microsft Edge as the default and go through the procedure.

How to solve error 17014 and problems starting the game?

The message with the code 17014 interrupts the launch of The Divison 2. A trivial and working solution is to right-click on Uplay.exe, go to Properties, and then to the Compatibility tab. It remains only to activate the item “Run this program as administrator”.

If the error continues to appear, you should close Uplay, start Task Manager, and end every process related to Uplay. After that, run the utility with administrator privileges.

Fixing the error “Unreliable system file”

Often, The Divison 2 refers to “Untrusted system file (C: Windows System32 comdlg32.dll)”, denying the user to start. A simple solution to the problem is to open the “Command Prompt” through the PCM and enter sfc / scannow. The tool should fix most of the corrupted system files.

What else can you do:

  • Delete all versions and files of Microsoft Visual C ++, download the software again and install it from scratch.
  • Roll back to a previous version of Windows using the Windows System Recover tool.
  • Reinstall or roll back Windows. The action will affect the files on the C drive, so important data should be moved to a USB flash drive or other logical drive in advance.

How to fix freezes and low fps in The Divison 2?

Performance issues can show up in any PC game, including The Divison 2. Here are some working fixes:

  • Check the drivers are up-to-date and update them as needed.
  • Get rid of resource-intensive background processes that take up most of the bandwidth of the disk, processor, graphics.
  • Check maximum FPS settings. The parameter can be found through RMB on the desktop and select “Nvidia Control Panel”. It is located in the “Manage 3D Settings” section of the “Program Settings” tab. It remains to select a game from the menu and make adjustments.
  • Right-click on the battery in the notification panel, select “Power supply” and set “Prefer maximum performance”.
  • In the “Nvidia Control Panel” in the game options select “Vertical sync” and set it to “Fast”. In the game itself, you should turn off this option.

These are all known fixes for common The Division 2 bugs. If we can find out more, the material will be updated with new solutions.

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