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Fallout 4: 15 best companions

One of the hallmarks of Fallout 4 is the ability to explore radioactive wastelands together with a partner… We have compiled a rating of the best companions, which will help you decide on the choice of the right companion throughout the entire passage.

Fallout 4

Wasteland – pretty dangerous place for wandering alone. If you are afraid of a night meeting with ghouls or other creatures and do not even want to hear about the advantages of the Lone Wanderer perk, then the presence of a companion nearby will not be superfluous.

As you develop relationships with other Sims, you unlock special Affinity Perksthat provide useful benefits when traveling together in the game world. Relationships with some of the companions can have romantic overtones, while other companions will simply cheer up at the right time.

Not all of them are equally useful, therefore, the further formation of the protagonist’s personality depends on the choice of the companion and the time spent on getting closer to him.

With each new DLC in Fallout 4, new companionswith whom the main character could make friends and start a joint adventure. Each of them has its own background and owns a certain type of weapon, being not only an interesting interlocutor, but also a useful partner in battle. So, the rating of 15 companions – from acceptable to the best.


Fallout 4 - Hancock

Even though Hancock is one of the most interesting characters in terms of his looks and history, he is rather plain compared to some of the other characters in the game. You can get along with him: he, like the Survivor, managed to survive the Nuclear War. However, in combat it is less useful.

Hancock can be found in Goodneighborof which he is the mayor. After completing several errands, Hancock expresses his desire to join the main character in his adventures. He uses as his main weapon shotgunwhich makes it practically useless in an overwhelming number of shootouts

The Isodoped perk, which unlocks at the maximum level of relations with him, is rather mediocre: it increases the recovery rate of critical hits by 20% when the player reaches 250 units of radiation.

Old Longfellow

Fallout 4 - Old Longfellow

DLC “Far Harbor” Introduces players to the highly eccentric sailor Old Man Longfellow. When the Survivor went into the fog in search of Acadia and DiMA, he acted as a guide, as he knew the island like the back of his hand.

Old Man Longfellow Prefers lever action carbinewhich is a decent weapon in the game. The main companion perk will be useful for those who got to Far Harbor with low level and faced difficulties in battle against most of the sea monsters.

The Hunter’s Wisdom privilege reduces the damage and energy resistance of local critters by 25%.


Fallout 4 - Deacon

The Deacon is a faithful companion that will appeal to everyone who loves funny guys or sympathizes with the faction The Railroad… As a spy, he does not inspire confidence, so not all players will get along with him the first time. Besides, he is an inveterate liar.

As a weapon, the Deacon remains faithful sniper rifle or smoothbore, thanks to which it poses a serious danger to enemies at long range. His perks come in handy when creating a stealth fighter.

Cloak & Dagger increases hidden attack damage by 20% and stealth time by 40%.


Fallout 4 - Codsworth

Codsworth’s looks and good nature are deceiving. In the early stages of the game, when the player just got out of the shelter, he is very useful. it very first companionthat a player can hire in Sanctuary Hills

For self-defense, Codsworth uses circular saw and flamethrowerwith impressive damage indicators. By distracting a group of enemies, he allows the Survivor to destroy them from a safe distance.

Robot Sympathy is an extremely versatile item that increases the resistance to energy weapons of robots by 10 points.

Porter Gage

Fallout 4 - Porter Gage

One of the most powerful companions in the game with the release of the last major DLC for Fallout 4. Nuka-World the player will meet with a bunch of raiders, one of which will be Porter Gage – the right hand of their previous boss.

Porter Gage is a great companion as the lack of any ethics allows him turn a blind eye to morally ambiguous actions of the character… Moreover, he is an absolute monster using in battle homemade carbine – the favorite weapon of raiders from Nuka-World, dealing huge damage.

His perk Lessons in Blood is a must for any Survivor: for each kill, the player gains 5% more experience, and damage resistance increases by 10 points.


Fallout 4 - Piper

Paper is a reporter for his own newspaper, Obshchestvennye Izvestia, works in Diamond City… The first meeting with her takes place at the gates of the city, which she desperately tried to get into. After an interview with the Survivor, Piper becomes available as a companion.

The girl’s favorite weapon – pistol… Piper is useful in combat, but the reporter’s rebellious nature does not allow her to put up with any manifestations of power.

After reaching the maximum level of relations with her, the Gift of Gab perk opens, rewarding the player with double experience for a successful outcome in dialogues and discovering new locations.


Fallout 4 - X6-88

If you choose to side with Institute, X6-88 will become a loyal ally of the protagonist. He is a synth who is alien to human emotions. Android doesn’t like good deeds. Instead, he encourages all forms of selfishness.

X6-88 uses energy weapons in combat. Laser rifle deals significant damage, as a result of which makes him one of the best fighters on this list.

Once the protagonist reaches the maximum level of relationship with him, X6-88 grants Shield Harmonics. And this is +20 units to energy resistance.


Fallout 4 - MacCready

McCready is ideal for those looking for unprincipled and loyal companion… Being a mercenary and a good shooter in the past, this character lives in the Neighborhood, where he can be hire for a couple of caps… However, it should be borne in mind that he will not make contact until you agree to complete his personal quests.

This extremely skilled shooter uses sniper rifle

After McCready’s favor has been won, he will endow GG with the Killshot perk. It increases the accuracy of headshots by 20% in VATS mode

Preston Garvey

Fallout 4 - Preston Garvey

If one of the main qualities of a partner should be kindnessthen Preston Garvey would be the best fit.

The meeting with the main character will take place in Concord, where he and his group from the remnants of the Minutemans will ask for help cleaning up the town and establishment of a new settlement… Preston Garvey’s favorite weapon – laser musket, which is a fairly effective means of destroying opponents with a long recharge. He appreciates any kindness and a sincere desire to help innocent people.

The reward for the closest possible relationship will be the perk “United We Stand”. Its advantage is +20 damage and resistance to it in conditions of simultaneous battle with three or more opponents. This is one of the best rewards for a warm relationship with an ally.

Kate (Cait)

Fallout 4 - Kate (Cait)

Kate is deprived of a full life due to drug addictiontorturing her. However, she is an incredibly powerful and skilled companion with shotgunable to withstand any battle. Previously, she was among the raiders, so any violent actions of the GG will receive approval from her.

One of Kate’s main strengths is that she can hack almost any lock you need. Which, in turn, greatly simplifies life in the wasteland.

Having won the girl’s trust, the Survivor gains the Trigger Rush ability, which allows him to quickly restore Action points when his health is below 25%.


Fallout 4 - Dogmeat

Doggy is one of the first teammates encountered in the game. Despite the fact that a friendly dog ​​seems useless in battle, its global significance in the journey is quite high. Dog not considered a full-fledged companion, so the Lone Wanderer’s benefits will be available when he is present.

The dog can find hidden objects and incapacitate enemies during firefights. And he is not at all worried about the ethical component of the protagonist’s actions, so Psina is a very convenient companion. When faced with an enemy, it serves as a distracting role. Unfortunately, one cannot expect more from him.

Nick Valentine

Fallout 4 - Nick Valentine

In the course of completing the tasks of the main storyline, the main character ends up in Diamond City, where he takes a quest to find and rescue Nick Valentine, a participant in an experiment to create an intermediate synth model. As befits a law enforcement officer, Nick Valentine appreciates positive attitude towards others and striving to get to the bottom of the truth in dialogues

In battle, he prefers his revolver, however, its main advantage lies in the skill hacking any terminalsencountered on the path of the Survivor.

After improving relations with the detective, access to the “Heart of Steel” perk (Close to Metal) opens, which gives an additional attempt when hacking the terminal and reduces the waiting time by 50% if it is blocked.


Fallout 4 - Strong

Strongman’s appearance does not reflect his inner self. It looks like super mutant, longing for the immediate and painful death of the protagonist, but there is no doubt of his loyalty. By recruiting him into Trinity Tower, the survivor will receive a loyal companion, encouraging noblebut tough action… As a means of protection, Strongman uses assault rifles

He is also incredibly proficient with sledgehammer, which is for him a complete replacement for firearms.

The Berserk ability comes in handy in a critical situation: when your health drops below 25%, your melee damage will increase by 20%.

Paladin Danse

Fallout 4 - Paladin Danse

Paladin Dance is an experienced fighter from Brotherhood of Steel, included in the TOP-3 of the best companions in the game. Not leaving #008000;”>power armor Paladin Dance plays the role of a deadly “tank” that deals a huge amount of damage and knocks enemies back. As a military man, he is condescending to both good and bad deeds.

Laser rifle – the main means of protection of Paladin Dance. After joining the Brotherhood of Steel, the survivor will have the opportunity to win him over to his side and receive him as a permanent companion.

After improving relations with him, the Know Your Enemy perk will increase the damage of ghouls, super mutants and synths by 20%.


Fallout 4 - Curie

When she first meets Curie, she has little in common with an ordinary person. In her original appearance as “Miss Nanny” its usefulness in battle is highly questionable… However, after transferring her consciousness into the body of synth, Curie will become a good companion. with the highest health and damage indicators.

She appreciates kindness and generosity… As Miss Nanny, Curie uses flamethrower

Her Combat Medic skill will gain 100 HP once a day if the player’s overall health falls below 10%.

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