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Farming Simulator 19 – quick answers to common questions

Since the developers have implemented some elements of the game not in the most obvious way, many players have similar problems that complicate the gameplay. This guide provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about Farming Simulator 19.

What do difficulty levels affect?

Before starting the game, you are asked to choose one of three difficulty levels. They all differ in starting resources and some game settings. It is worth noting that the settings can be changed at your discretion at any time. As for the resources, they are as follows:

  • New farmer – is the easiest level for beginners. Here, at the start, players have their own small farm, several land plots, 100,000 on account, machinery and equipment. In general, everything you need to start the game.
  • Farm manager starts on the map without equipment and land, but on the account it has 1,250,000. This option invites the player to independently decide on a place for his farm and the equipment that he will need. You also need to keep in mind that 250,000 of the amount provided are credit funds, and interest will be written off on them daily. They can be returned immediately.
  • Start from scratch… Despite the fact that the mode offers to start, supposedly, from scratch, the player’s account will have 500,000. As in the previous version, there is nothing else, and further development depends on the user’s preferences. The most hardcore players write off this amount with the help of modifications, and really start from scratch, going to work as a salaried worker or take out a loan.

What to grow first?

Farming Simulator 19 faqs

At the initial stage, you should grow those crops for which you have equipment for harvesting. For example, harvesting corn and sunflowers requires a special header. And for potatoes, beets, cotton and sugarcane there is also a special harvester. In addition, these crops are planted using specialized equipment. Therefore, at the start, it is better to deal with grain crops.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that their selling price is different, they also give a different harvest volume. Those. with an average price of wheat of 300 per 1000 you can earn the same as from soybeans at an average price of 700 per 1000. The fact is that from 1 hectare of land wheat will yield twice as much yield as soybeans. Also, after wheat, you can collect straw, and earn extra money. As a result, the income received from both crops will be approximately equal. However, soybeans are still preferable, since their collection is faster (no need to collect straw), it gives less volume, i.e. and the time spent on transportation to the point of sale will be reduced.

How do I save the game?

By default, saves occur automatically every 15 minutes. But this parameter can be set for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or turned off, while saving manually and pressing the spacebar in the game settings. The main disadvantage is that all saves are done in one slot. Therefore, if something goes wrong, it is not always possible to roll back to a better state.

Farming Simulator 19 faqs

Experienced players disable autosaves and make saves manually. And in order to “sort out” the save into different slots, you need to minimize the game, go to the folder with the saves, and make copies, transferring them to any convenient place.

How do I buy new fields?

To buy a new plot or sell an unnecessary one, open the map by pressing the Esc key, on the left, click Plots so that the inscription changes to Map overview. Select a specific site and click buy. If you select your site, an option to sell will appear. It should be borne in mind that buying and selling always takes place at the same fixed price, regardless of whether something is growing on the field or not.

Farming Simulator 19 faq

Increase / merge fields

To increase or combine fields, you need to plow the land between them. This can be done with a plow or chisel cultivator. By default, the option is assigned to the “Y” key. Also, this function can be viewed in the drop-down menu by pressing F1.

Farming Simulator 19 faqs

What technique should you use at the start?

In the beginning, you will have to use the technique and equipment that is available. Until you save up money for more powerful models. An alternative option would be to use equipment on credit. Since for a relatively small amount, you can significantly speed up the processing of fields and harvesting.

What to look for when buying a tractor?

The main criterion when buying a tractor is its power. Since if it is not enough for any equipment, the tractor will work the land much slower or will not budge at all. Also, if you plan to use a front loader, you must choose a tractor with this option.

Farming Simulator 19 faq

How to repair equipment?

Repair of equipment is carried out in a certain place on the map, as a rule, near the store. This place is marked with a special symbol.

Farming Simulator 19 faqs

At the same time, in the buildings menu, you can buy and install a car repair shop on your farm. In critical situations, when equipment breaks down in the field, it can be repaired from the garage menu. Press the “P” KEY, go to the garage, and select the vehicle you want to repair.

Farming Simulator 19 faq

How to refuel equipment?

You can refuel any vehicle at a gas station. Having approached it press the “R” key. If the fuel has run out far from refueling, you can deliver it to the equipment using a special tank.

Farming Simulator 19 faq

How to sell equipment?

You can sell equipment in the same place near the store where the repair was made. There is also a corresponding button in the garage menu. However, it should be borne in mind that the sale of machinery or equipment in a store is 20% more profitable.

How to increase the yield?

The amount of harvest depends on a number of factors:

  • Fertilizing gives + 25% to the yield (you can fertilize twice).
  • Adding lime removes the -15% yield penalty (you can turn it off in the settings).
  • Plowing the land removes the -15% harvest penalty (can be disabled in the settings).
  • Weeding or spraying weeds removes a -35% yield penalty.

How to use fast travel map?

You can quickly teleport around the map only to certain places. For example, in points of sale, or player’s buildings, as well as in vehicles. To do this, open the map with the “Esc” key, select a vehicle or a static object, and press get into the car / visit. In addition, you can navigate between your vehicles using the “Tab” key.

Farming Simulator 19 faq

How to remove trees and stumps?

To cut down trees, you need to buy a chainsaw or forestry equipment. Holding the saw in your hands, you should go to the tree trunk and direct it to the base. As soon as the cutting line turns green, you can start cutting with the left mouse button. The remaining stump must be crushed with a cutter that clings to any tractor.

Farming Simulator 19 faq

How does the rental of equipment work?

Equipment rental or leasing is a very useful opportunity at an early stage, when the player does not have extra funds to buy his equipment. To rent equipment, you need to go to the store, select the required tractor / combine / attachment model, and click Rent. The first installment will be charged for the fact of renting. Further, every motorcycle hour and every day a certain amount will be debited. However, this is much more profitable than spending a large amount at once on the purchase of new clothes.

Farming Simulator 19 faqs

Why isn’t the trailer unloading?

The game mechanics are designed in such a way that players do not accidentally scatter the materials in the trailer. Whether it be the accidental pressing of the unload key or the overturn of the vehicle. Therefore, it is possible to unload the contents of trailers only in certain places: at points of sale, in elevators and silos. However, if there is an urgent need to release the trailer, you can do this by pressing the key combination “shift” + “I”.

How to use a biogas plant?

The biogas plant and the silos located on its territory can only be used after purchasing this site. It should be noted that the sale of biogas silage is several times more profitable than the sale of silage bales in the Shed. Therefore, such an acquisition will pay off pretty quickly.

How to attach a front loader?

The front loader can only be hitched to tractors that have this capability. This is written in the description in the store. Also, before purchasing, you need to add this option to the tractor package.

Farming Simulator 19 faq

Black screen when trying to mount a horse

In some cases, an error occurs when a black screen appears when trying to drive around a horse. However, the game continues to run normally. This can be understood by the sounds of the environment and the snorting of horses. There is no solution to this problem, you must forcefully close the game with the alt + shift + f4 combination or minimize – alt + Tab, and then close and start again.

The cause of the problem is the incompatibility of the game with the mods for the automatic training of horses. However, the error does not appear on all computer configurations. It is also worth keeping in mind that such a mod is built into the Global Company script, without which modifications for production will not work. Therefore, if an error occurs, you will have to give up riding horses, or from the above modifications.

How do I install mods?

The game has a built-in hub with modifications approved by the developers. After selecting and downloading a mod, it is automatically installed. However, to connect it to the game, you must check the box before loading the map. It is worth noting that most of the mods can be connected at any time, since they do not require starting a new game.

Farming Simulator 19 faq

However, an unnecessary mod can be disabled by unchecking the box. When you start the map, a message about the missing mod will appear, click OK, and continue playing. If the disabled mod was a vehicle or attachment, it will disappear from the in-game store. In the case of static objects and industries, they will disappear from the map, and in their place there will be an empty space on which a new building can be placed.

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