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FIFA 21 vs PES 21: which is better and why?

The release of the PES 2021 Season Update, or a major deviation from the annual sports simulator release schedule. FIFA is NOT releasing the same game as 2019.

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FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer are considered the best football simulators in the gaming industry market, in which everyone finds something for themselves. However, this year the PES series has not been expanded with a full-fledged sequel game. Instead, Konami decided to release Season Update, which has become an update of the current lineups. EA Sports, in turn, has released a classic FIFA 21 with the expected amount of new content, including major updates Manager in career mode. With a big difference in release dates, FIFA and Pro Evo offer a different gaming experience. So which game has the most value?

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Season Update in the confrontation between PES and FIFA

The first thing to understand is Pro Evo’s transition to a seasonal distribution model in a market accustomed to annual titles release. The changes that have taken place are understandable given the interference virus (a lot has to be done remotely) in the video game development cycles: the advent of the “Seasonal Update” made sense. However, for the gaming industry as a whole, this decision was one step forward and two steps back, as fans criticized the developers for not doing enough.

Otherwise, FIFA and PES continue their long-standing struggle for fans of the genre. If a authentic teams, realistic soccer players and arcade gameplay priority for you, then FIFA is what you need. FIFA has always been licensed to use the top teams and leagues. This means that all available teams are presented with their actual emblems and uniforms, while Pro Evo has to come up with replacements. Also FIFA is famous for Ultimate Team and Volta football – two exclusive game modes in which you can leave hundreds of hours. And Pro Evo has best physics and ball movementand also, according to most gamers, more realistic gameplay… And this is taking into account the fact that in the last parts of FIFA, the developers have seriously worked on the gameplay. Nevertheless, Pro Evo has always been number two after FIFA, however, it has significantly strengthened its position in recent years.

Key differences between PES 21 and FIFA 21

FIFA 21 vs PES 21

The most striking difference between the two games has to do with the license. If available in FIFA Real madrid or Aston Villa, then PES will have to play as Madrid chamartin b or Aston rb respectively. However, PES has exclusive rights to Juventusso in FIFA 20 the Italian champions played for Piemonte Calcio… In addition, PES is licensed to Barcelonahence Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are among the licensed PES players. In turn, FIFA has exclusive rights to the Champions League and Europa League. This means that not only football clubs would need to be replaced, but entire leagues and competitions. If PES had a Manager career mode, it would cause a number of inconveniences.

Instead of a Manager career, PES has Master League… The basic idea is still the same: to take control of the club and lead it through competitions, transfer windows and an exit business. This mode is made much better than the Manager’s career in FIFA 21, since it is significantly dominated by the number of tactical capabilities, cutscene and personal characteristics of the team… There are more RPG elements in the Master League, allowing players to express their personality.

One of the few reasons a Manager career in FIFA outperforms the Master League from PES is how it regenerates new players. At the beginning of the mode, the existing players are unique and available for signing contracts, but over time they end their careers… In PES, these players are back cloned with the same faces, body parameters and skills, after which they are placed in the game world as 16-year-old copies. This means that after Messi leaves, gamers just need to find a 16-year-old player with the same last name and sign a contract with him again. And this seriously harms realism. When a similar process occurs in FIFA, the player “regenerates” with by another name, body and weakened characteristics… The football community has always liked this scenario more.

FIFA 21 vs PES 21

Microtransactionsthat has always dominated FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA 21 has once again not been spared. EA had no plans to cut the cash cow game mode. Players still have the opportunity to build their dream team by opening packs of cards and selling them in the in-game market. PES has My club – a mode aimed at similar formation of the desired team. However, it focuses more on superstars and improving the footballers that players already have.

Both regimes have proven successful. FUT has been redesigned for FIFA 21 to reduce the time it takes to manage a team to accommodate more time on the pitch. Fitness cards have been removed… In any case, neither the lineup updates nor the above changes are significant reasons for moving to FUT 21.

FIFA 21’s greatest asset is Volta football… Volta is Portuguese for return, so this game mode brings football back to the streets. Volta mode is street soccer in mini format. The mode, introduced last year, allows players create and completely customize the appearance of street soccer players and soccer players. Literally, there was a return to the classic FIFA Street games that were released between 2005 and 2012. Volta was a hit with new FIFA fans who opted for a faster pace over a full match. PES has no answer to Volta Football, so the next generation move is forcing Konami to come up with a new way to keep fans.

FIFA 21 also features online co-op in Volta Football mode. Appeared new arenaswhere players can battle an AI-controlled superstar. Kylian Mbappe is one of them. Otherwise, there have been no other innovations since the release of FIFA 20. Partly Milan legend Kaka reimagined this mode: new maps Milan and Sao paolo look fantastic. That said, the Volta hasn’t changed much since last season. Volta Football is still the best reason to buy FIFA 21 over PES, however players have had one last year.


FIFA 21 vs PES 21

Pro Evo Seasonal Update – moving away from the cycle of annual releaseswhich dominates the sports video game sector. The effectiveness of this approach can be significantly adjusted if Konami decides to adapt this model for many years. EA would never have done this. And this is in view of the fact that their games offer less and less innovations every year, since fans buy them anyway. Moreover, EA officially recognizedthat the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 21 is no different from FIFA 20. The lack of cross-platform compatibility between PS4 / PS5 and XB1 / XBX further reduces sales of the game as gamers eagerly await the next generation of consoles.

The PES 21 Season Update is likely to be a smart buy for those who already own PES 20. Not every year you get two seasons. one and a half price… But spending money on a seasonal update without having last year’s game is probably not worth it. Lack of license for most of the major commands – a good reason to think about. FIFA 21, in turn, is available at the traditional $ 60 price tag. Despite the fact that there are no new modes in it, this is a complete game. However, in the event that a fan owns both versions of last year’s games, both sequels have no significant game value.

But if you still have to make a choice, then buying PES 21 will be a better decision.

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