• December 1, 2023

first details and official trailer

In short, stalker, I will not play nobility, I will just tell you everything I know on the topic and we will be calculated.

stalker 2

Hello friends! Welcome to Wotpack and good news for fans of the Stalker universe. The day is getting closer and closer when we will see the continuation of one of the best domestic games, which is so loved by many players – STALKER 2

We present to your attention the basic information that the developers rolled out at the presentation of GSC Game World. Promise large open world without gluing (there will be no downloads in the transition between locations) in a post-apocalyptic setting with a large-scale interesting story.

Perhaps the developers will try to outdo the legendary Fallout series? Betesda did not work out the plot in the last part, they could not offer anything original.

Stalker 2 events will unfold the same within the Chernobyl exclusion zone in new and familiar locations. In terms of the plot, the developers promise that it will be fun and non-linear, and the decisions made will have an impact not only on local events and the fate of acting heroes, but in general on the surrounding world. At the same time, many endings are promised.stalker 2
By tradition it will be a mixture of first person shooter and horror… If you have not played the previous parts, then you can easily get involved in the plot of the new game, it is absolutely independent and has nothing to do with the previous ones. But still, for maximum immersion and understanding of all the references, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with other parts of the series.

The game will be released on PC (computers) and will be exclusive to consoles for Xbox Series X (with a Game Pass subscription).

We offer you to watch the first trailer:

Here you can see new anomaly, the details of which the developers are still keeping secret. There will also be new artifacts and monsters.stalker 2
But the graphical component is still not impressive. The game was created on the Unreal Engine, the developers strive to use advanced technologies.

But the trailer itself was made using game models. It does not reflect the real state of affairs, there is only the final result to which the developers are striving.

There will definitely be support for mods, and the simulation of “life” in the zone “A-life” improved. release date Stalker 2 is still unknown, but taking into account the situation in the gaming industry (and in the world in general), many projects are postponed. The game itself is still in a very raw form, so you should definitely not expect a release this year. Per system requirements for Stalker 2, they also don’t say anything yet, but most likely the game will not be too demanding and will start even on medium hardware.

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