• September 24, 2023

Fixes error 0x80246013 in Windows 10

Error 0x80246013 occurs when you try to install Windows 10 updates. It can occur both when you automatically try to update the operating system, for example, when you start Windows, or when you try to manually start the installation procedure. Not everything is known about the problem, although it has been appearing for about 7 years. However, we have collected enough information so that you can get a comprehensive understanding of the crash and even fix it.

Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80246013


The official Microsoft thread states that error 0x80246013 is codenamed WU_E_DM_UPDATEREMOVED. The description says: “An attempt was made to access a downloaded update that has already been removed.” It seems that this reason really takes place. There is another possibility that Microsoft’s overloaded servers are the culprit.

What to do in case of error 0x80246013?

We need to start with the fact that this error is not always static, that is, it can go away by itself. It is enough to try to download the update a few more times, including after a short time. With any luck, no fix is ​​even required. In other situations, you should resort to one of the solutions.

Ways to fix error 0x80246013:

  • Download and install the update manually… On the this site you can find all the latest updates for Windows, and this is an official site, which means it is absolutely safe.
  • Check that none of your apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store not deleted in the store
  • Disable app updates… The error is directly related to the Microsoft Store and there are documented cases where the store tries to download an update for a deleted or problematic application. In particular, Intel (R) Software Guard Extension Driver, but it could be different. You should analyze the list of installed applications, go to the page with all unnecessary or in doubt, open “Settings” and disable automatic updates.

Very often, the failed Windows 10 update error 0x80246013 is due either to a server problem or to a deleted application from the Microsoft Store. If you cancel the update of the problematic application or install the update manually, the error should go away.

We need your progress reports to get a better understanding of the bug and find the best ways to fix it. Please leave your comments with the results of the procedures.

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