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Fixing error with code 907 in the Play Market

Error 907 occurs in the Play Market quite often, as a rule, devices on Android of newer versions are exposed to this problem. The user does not always understand what this means and does not know what to do in such a situation. And all would be fine, but this error leads to the fact that it is not possible to download the application or update it. When downloading the program from the Google branded store, a notification about a failure under the number 907 pops up.

How to fix error 907 in the Play Market?

If your Play Market gives error 907 when downloading or updating applications, then you should try the ways to fix it, which are presented below. It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer as to how to properly eliminate it, each is helped by a different method. But they are all pretty simple, so you can almost always solve the problem yourself.

Method 1: issue the necessary permissions

The problem may be that the Play Market application has not received proper permissions. For example, the program does not have privileges to access the phone memory or memory card and simply cannot download or update it. In newer versions of Android, there are rather stringent requirements, if consent is not provided, then the application will not receive them on its own, even the Play Market. Often the problem is caused by a security program that is installed by the phone manufacturer and does not in any way touch Google services. For example, the 907 Play Market error often occurs with Xiaomi phone owners.

The solution to this problem is simple – grant all the necessary permissions for the program. You can do it like this:

  1. We enter the phone settings.
  2. We select the item “Applications”.
  3. Find the “Play Market” application and click on it.
  4. There is an item “Permissions” here.
  5. You must select the permissions you want or give all the permissions.

Error code 907

Since the Play Market program is tested and guaranteed not to be malicious, you can safely grant all permissions. After this step, it is recommended to reboot the smartphone.

Also, the permissions issue can be caused by a third-party security app that was installed by the manufacturer. In this case, it is necessary to remove restrictions for the Play Market:

  1. We find the system application “Security.
  2. In the program, select the item “Applications”.
  3. In the list that appears, we find the Play Market.
  4. There we also set all permissions and remove restrictions.
  5. We reboot the smartphone.

Method 2: clear the cache

Error code 907

Another common and effective way to solve the problem is to clear the Play Market application cache.

How to fix error 907 in the Play Market:

  1. We enter the phone settings.
  2. We select the item “Applications”.
  3. Find the “Play Market” application and click on it.
  4. At the bottom there will be an item “Data and cache”.
  5. Go to this section and select the “Clear cache” function.

You can check the functionality, the application should perform all actions normally, error 907 will no longer manifest itself. If this method did not help, go further down the list of solutions.

Method 3: move applications to internal memory

A program that was installed on a memory card or transferred to it due to lack of space may not work correctly with the company store. Not all applications are capable of working on a USB flash drive, this often causes errors, they must be transferred to the internal memory of the phone.

Transfer instructions:

  • In the phone settings, we find the “Applications” item.
  • In the list, we are looking for an application with which there were problems during the update in the Play Market.
  • We go into this program and select the item “Memory”.
  • Here you will be able to transfer the application to the internal memory.

Error code 907

After that, you can again try to update the application through the branded store. If everything worked, then the problem is solved, if not, go to the next solutions below. Remember that the memory item may not be in the menu if the memory card is not in the phone. One more note – not all OS versions have this feature.

Method 4: remove the memory card

memory card in the phone

Even if you transfer the program to the internal memory of the phone, some of its data will remain and this will cause some problems. You can completely remove the flash drive from your smartphone and try updating the app. If everything works well without it, then the problem is in this parameter, you need to format it, after saving all the data on the computer or in the internal memory of the device. Problems of this kind can also arise due to the fact that the speed of the flash drive is low, which causes conflicts in the system and leads to the appearance of error 907.

Method 5: remove Play Market updates

The Play Market itself may also be causing the problem, especially after recent updates. They could become crooked, due to the same permissions and system security applications. As a result, the program starts to malfunction and causes similar problems. To fix error 907, you need to uninstall Play Market updates.

remove Play Market updates

Guide to uninstall Play Market updates:

  1. We go to the smartphone settings.
  2. We find the item “Applications”.
  3. We choose from the Play Market list.
  4. At the bottom there will be an item “Uninstall updates”.

After the updates are removed, you need to reinstall the store to the current version.

Next, we do the following:

  1. Go to the Play Market.
  2. On the left, select “Settings”.
  3. At the bottom, find “Play Market Version”.
  4. Click once on this item.

A message will appear stating that the Play Market program will be updated to the latest version. You can also check the box “Automatic update”, then the store version will always be up-to-date. When the new version of the program is downloaded and installed, the application will restart itself. The issue with error 907 should be resolved.

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