• February 22, 2024

Football Manager 2019 errors: what to do in case of crashes?

Almost all beta versions of games are prone to crashes and soccer manager 2019 is no exception. The players began to actively look for the cause and ways to eliminate the crash. From this, many similar topics appeared on all kinds of social networks, on thematic forums and the manufacturer’s website. Obviously, the players are upset about the crash of the long-awaited game and want to restore it to work. How to fix the Football Manager 2019 crash?

What problems appear with FM 2019?

Among the whole mass of complaints, the most common errors are:

  • crash of the application during the launch of the game. The window may not open at all or reach the menu;
  • crashes in the process of football matches, when freezes and crashes occur;
  • full screen freeze when starting full screen mode;
  • crash from the game during save, etc.

You should not expect stable work from the beta version of the game, because it is not finished yet and continues to be developed. Similar problems will be addressed by the manufacturer Sports Interactive, but fixes should be expected at the time of release. It will take place on November 2, 2019. It’s annoying to wait so long for an automatic fix.

What should you do in case of crashes in soccer manager 2019?

The first step is to inform the Sports Interactive developers of the frequency and type of errors. The official forum has a section dedicated to crashes and technical issues. The section can be accessed by link… You should provide as much information as possible by mistake: time and frequency of occurrence, display conditions, system characteristics, etc. If the user offers enough data, the developers will have a better chance of solving the problem. The procedure can be troublesome, but it really helps to improve the game.

Common and common solution methods include:

  • downloading Windows updates;
  • updating drivers;
  • run as administrator;
  • reinstalling the game.

The forum already has a number of solutions to the listed problems link… The stream is constantly updated and today it contains fixes of the most common problems in FM 2019. If you can find your own problem in the list, it can most likely be solved with the proposed method. The fix will help you enjoy the relatively stable Football Manager 2019 even before the official release.

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