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from passing tactics to championships

Hitman 3 has similar gameplay and mechanics to previous installments in the series. This guide provides an overview of the most important elements of the game, which make it easier to navigate the locations and make it easier to complete missions.

Silent movement

Silent movement is one of the most important actions that will allow you to remain unnoticed during the passage. If you do not want to draw attention to yourself, move around the map by sitting down. This is especially important when playing at the highest difficulty level (Master), because here opponents are much more sensitive to any sounds.

When moving between different points on the map, when there are vigilant characters nearby, pay attention to the NPC suspicion indicator. If someone spots you, a yellow marker will appear in the center of the screen. When it is 100% full, your presence will be detected and the nearby guards will raise the alarm. Departing from the line of sight, for example, hiding behind a wall or obstacle, opponents become less suspicious.

Vigilant characters

You can recognize especially vigilant and suspicious opponents by the icon in the form of a white dot above their heads. These types of NPCs can expose Agent 47 if he stays nearby for too long, even though he disguises himself as one of them.


A detailed guide to Hitman 3

The hitman can hide in various places so as not to be seen by the guards, for example, he can sit in tall grass or bushes. At this point, the character receives the “Hidden” status, which means that he cannot be detected. In addition, cabinets, containers and other furniture are suitable as shelters.

Merging with the environment

Agent 47 can blend in with its surroundings by performing certain actions, such as sitting on a bench, leaning against a railing, or raking leaves with a broom. Some actions may involve special disguises, such as using a trolley to service the floors of a skyscraper.


Agent 47’s instinct allows him to find items to interact with and also helps him follow the path of his opponents. For example, you can hide behind a wall and listen to find out what is happening in the next room.

  • The main objective of the mission is always marked with a red silhouette;
  • A white dot icon is displayed above the heads of vigilant opponents;
  • All other NPCs have a white outline;
  • Interactive elements will be highlighted in yellow.

A detailed guide to Hitman 3

Indoor spaces

On each map, you can find at least several closed rooms. If it is impossible to get into them in any other way, it is worth trying one of the options:

  • Find a key (regular or access card): it is usually located in the back room, in the work area or at one of the NPCs;
  • Use the LOCKPICK;
  • Use a crowbar;
  • Enter the appropriate code (they are often placed on boards, posters, leaflets);
  • Pick the lock with your camera.

Hints during story missions

If this is your first acquaintance with the Hitman series, it is worth using the hints that are available at normal (casual) and professional difficulty levels. When you are near a location associated with the main mission, a message will appear on the screen. Pressing F1 (on PC) will reveal additional tips for the current story mission and mark markers on the map indicating where to go next.

Championships and progress

Hitman 3 introduces a new hero progression system that allows players to see at a glance which items are already unlocked and which are yet to be discovered. After receiving new weapons and equipment, they will forever remain at the disposal of the player.

Ranking and scoring

A detailed guide to Hitman 3

Depending on how a certain mission was completed, the system will calculate the result. All actions taken will be counted, resulting in an appropriate score and title, such as Sniper Apprentice, Expert, or Silent Assassin.

Difficulty levels and their differences

In total, the developers have provided three levels of difficulty. The simplest – Casual, forgives many mistakes, offering a fairly comfortable gameplay. For more experienced players, there is Professional – here the gameplay becomes much more demanding. And those who want real tests can try their hand at the Master level.

Below are detailed descriptions of all difficulty levels:

  • Casual: Unlimited game saves, quest guides, no surveillance cameras, simplified battles, reduced number of enemies on the map, more items that can be legally carried, NPCs are less sensitive to different sounds.
  • Professional (Professional): Unlimited game saves, mission guides, active surveillance cameras, cameras alert guards when illegal activity is detected, battles become more difficult.
  • Master: one save per mission, no hints on the passage, additional surveillance cameras, additional enemies, stronger opponents, blood on clothes removes disguise, NPCs are more sensitive to all kinds of sounds.

Do you need a network connection?

A detailed guide to Hitman 3

Hitman 3 can be played offline. However, it is recommended to connect to game servers in order to be able to earn trophies and use some important game features:

  • Trials cannot be completed in offline mode;
  • Offline mode does not allow you to move to the next level of location ownership, and you will not receive championship-related rewards.
  • Without an internet connection, you cannot compare your results with those of other players (leaderboards, leaderboards).
  • However, the game will not count missions or actions if performed offline.

Camera – new tool and photo mode

The Camera is a new gadget in Hitman 3 and comes standard with Agent 47, making it available in any mission. There are several uses for the camera:

  • Spy tool… The device is small, so it fits in the pocket of any suit or disguise. The camera allows you to remotely open locked rooms and receive top-secret intelligence.
  • Simplified photo mode… You can also use a portable camera for more creative purposes, such as capturing beautiful views or interesting objects. Of course, this is not the full-fledged photo mode that other games have, but it has some basic functions and allows you to take beautiful pictures.

In addition, the gadget offers three additional functions that allow you to add a little more color to the scene being shot or to capture a specific subject with accurate detail.

VR mode

A detailed guide to Hitman 3

Hitman 3 offers virtual reality support for the first time in the series’ history. It is also interesting that VR mode is available not only on new maps / locations that appeared in the third part. In VR glasses, you can fully play on maps from Hitman 1 and Hitman 2, however, for this you need to correctly import the old locations. It’s also worth noting that the mode is only available on PS4 and PS5 consoles along with PSVR glasses. This option is a Sony exclusive, so it cannot be played on a PC or with other glasses.

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