• September 24, 2023

Genshin Impact: Electro character rating. Who is the best?

With the addition of Inazuma, the role of electro characters has only increased, and their ranks will soon be replenished. We figure out which heroes are best to pump.

Genshin Impact Top 6 Electro Characters.  Who is the best

The elemental reaction system in Genshin Impact is somewhat complex. Electro is harder to use compared to other elements like Pyro or Cryo. But the power of the Electro characters is not inferior to the rest.

When leveling and tactics, all six heroes are strong and useful in battle. But some owners of the element are much more convenient in terms of gameplay. In this article, we will break down the advantages and disadvantages of each hero by choosing best electro character in Genshin Impact

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6th Place: Fischl

It’s hard to say that some Electro characters are weak. However, Fischl is in many ways inferior to his colleagues. Although her problems can be considered simple mistakes in the game, even then there are inconveniences.

Many players love the Judgment Princess for being the first alternate archer for them. Fischl’s elemental skill becomes a problem – call the raven Oz… It leaves little imagination for creating combat tactics and is not much different from hand damage. Normal attacks do not give a unique effect, only if the player does not swing the archer into physical. Even so, it is not strong enough.


  • fast attacks;
  • constant application of the Electro effect, since the crow of Oz remains on the field, even if you are not playing as an archer;


  • long recharge of elemental skill;
  • for Fischl as a damage dealer, you need a lot of constellations.

Whether or not to play as the Princess of Condemnation is up to each player to decide. With the proper leveling of talents, the right artifacts and weapons, Fischl becomes a strong character.

5th Place: Bay Dou

Bei Doe is not a bad hero. Known in the Genshin Impact community for her unique skill – she gets stronger when hit. Bei Doe uses a temporary shield, which briefly increases her time in combat.

However, at times, her strength is unimpressive. The elemental skill is slow, the character has to wait for the enemy to hit him.

Bei Doe can be used as support DD and support, based on her skill. It is similar to Fischl: heroes are useful only in some cases, to get them out of the pack at a time and hide them back.


  • reflection of attacks of opponents;
  • Ulta creates an electric aura that hits opponents.


  • for maximum damage, you need to receive hits from the enemy;
  • inability to move when using an elemental skill.

4th Place: Electro Traveler

The Traveler is often ridiculed as a worthless five-star character with outdated talents. Opinion changed after the release of the new Inazuma region. After changing the element, the Electro-traveler is a class A hero (he can supplement any team with him and he does a lot of damage when pumping). The Traveler’s skill quickly restores elemental energy, and the ulta deals electro damage.

However, it is very difficult to make a good DD out of it. Better to build him as a support character and make a great team.


  • skills increase the rate of energy recovery;
  • Ulta deals consistent Electro damage.


  • low base damage;
  • the explosion of the elements accumulates for a long time.

3rd Place: Lisa

Lisa available at the very beginning of the game. She is a strong Electro character, acting as a support for DD (although she belongs to the C class). She can still be beaten by other 4-star heroes, but she handles better than Amber or Keia

Lisa has a number of disadvantages. Her combat requires tactics and strategy. It will seem inconvenient for those who are not familiar with her talents. Plus, she’s not the most mobile character.

Librarian Favonia will damage multiple enemies at once. To do this, Lisa uses an ult and an elemental skill. Users common mistakes should be avoided:

  1. Use her charged attacks to counter a group of mobs.
  2. Keep your distance from enemies, as charged attacks consume stamina, and in a pinch you can run away.
  3. Choose artifacts for Electric damage and crit chance.


  • deals area damage;
  • evokes reactions with both elemental skill and normal attacks.


  • ulta accumulates for a long time;
  • low HP and base damage.

2nd Place: Razor

Reisor is one of those 4-star characters that deserves five stars. He acts as a support or maine DD. His set of unique skills contributes to permanent Electro damage.

Raisor uses energy to recharge an elemental skill, which allows him to use it very often. It acts better as a main DD, since the skill is used only when he is on the battlefield (which is different from the raven Oz, which is on the field without Fischl). Reisor’s style of play is difficult to understand. Players make mistakes by misusing an elemental skill, after which there is no reaction with other elements.

One way to avoid this is to play as a Pyro or Hydro character. Dilyuk will do well.


  • high physical damage;
  • the explosion of the elements gives an increase in damage and protection.


  • low defense and low amount of health;
  • small radius of attacks;
  • the ulta disappears when you switch a character.

1st Place: Ke Qing

Have Ke Qing huge potential. Her basic attacks and speed remain in the first place. Abilities allow players to destroy groups of enemies in an instant. Ke Qing mainly acts as maine DD.

Some people pump it into physical, but it is better to use it for Electro damage.

It takes a little effort to reach your full potential. She is a powerful source of Electro, but protection is poor. Using Ke Qing should be stored in a pack or characters with a shield, such as Noel, Zhong Li and Dion, and / or healers such as Barbara, Jinn and Qi Qi.


  • elemental skill creates reactions with huge Electro-damage;
  • simple and powerful melee attacks;
  • copes equally well with opponents both near and far.
  • Ultimate accumulates quickly.


  • charged attack consumes a lot of stamina;
  • requires constellations to improve.

Ke Qing is best suited for dungeon and abyss battles. The elemental ability allows you to strike at the weak points of the enemy, as well as teleport to different places. Thanks to this, it is easier with the character to climb the ledges and attack in the fall.

Baal Shogun Raiden

The character has not yet been introduced to the game or even added to the banner schedule, but Electro Archon Baal has already become one of the most anticipated this year. Baal will definitely surpass all the heroes on this list in strength.

In the near future, there will be more details and we will prepare a guide and better builds for it.

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