• August 10, 2022

Genshin Impact Interactive Map: Detailed Legend and Routes

The mysterious world of Genshin Impact hides many game activities, tasks and interesting places, exploring which you can get hold of good resources and farm some experience… However, the presence of vast territories with closed locations slows down Teivat’s research. To make this task somewhat easier, we have prepared a special interactive map for you.

Genshin Impact - Teivat Map

With its help, you can build the most convenient route to the active quest, visit nearby points of interest and save time on further travel, in advance by opening transit teleports

Interactive map of Teivat

Map legend

Using the appropriate filter, you can mark the most attractive places on the map, group them and estimate the approximate distance. The designations themselves are divided into several subgroups.

Genshin Impact - Map Legend

The marked item lists will be displayed on the map. Buttons “Sellect All” and “Clear All” allows you to select all objects in the group and reset the filter.


These include 7 designations:

  • Genshin Impact - Anemocul – Anemokul. A substance containing the energy of Anemo and necessary for worship statues of the seven Archons… Location – Mondsstadt… Amount – 66


The most useful items for the development of characters and the routes laid down to them.

  • Genshin Impact - Artifact– Artifact. One of five types of items that fits into the equipment slot and gives the character a number of passive improvements.
  • Genshin Impact - Route– The optimal route to the goal. Can line up next to monsters for accelerated farm resources.

Chests (Beta)

Rare items used for crafting and cooking are also marked on the map.

Minerals (Beta)

Livestock (Beta)

Plants (Beta)

Monsters (Beta)

We recommend that you log in to the Genshin Impact interactive map in the Profile tab using Google services. Then you will have the opportunity to mark the found resources and monitor the progress of the collection of materials.

You can also to thank game developers who provided this card using the “Donate” buttons.

And for us the best gratitude will be your activity in the comments. Ask your questions and write if the interactive map of Teiwat was useful to you during your adventures in Genshin Impact

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