• March 4, 2024

Genshin Impact: patch 1.2 update

Genshin Impact recently received its biggest update – 1.1. However, the Internet is already “walking” leaks about update 1.2… Judging by them, you can already imagine, and quite specifically, what to expect in new add-on 1.2 entitled “Dragon thorn“, Which will be released on New Year’s Eve – December 23.

Genshin Impact: All Information About Update 1.2

The Wotpack editors looked through all the inside information and cut off the unnecessary. Here you will only see reliable information about what will be in update 1.2.

New Characters in Genshin Impact in Patch 1.2

The first thing I would like to mention is – characters… As with any major update, no new heroes are introduced you can’t do it

For the first time information about them appeared on Reddit from data miners, and it turned out to be quite reliable. We decided to list eight characters, each of which belongs to certain elements and uses specific type of weapon.

In 1.2, most heroes prefer to use pole arms, such as spears. In 1.1, another weapon was quite popular – swords.

character `s name Elemental element Weapon
Hu Tao Pyro Pole-arm
Mimi Hydro Catalyst
Yoon Jin Geo Pole-arm
Yao Yao Dendro Catalyst
Sayu Anemo Claymore
Tohama Pyro Pole-arm
Shen Li Cryo Claymore
Rosaria Cryo Pole-arm

These eight characters bring a lot to the Genshin Impact. For instance, Yao Yao will be the first official hero to use the element of nature – Dendro… Wherein Mimi, Saiu and Tohama will be the first to arrive from Inazuma – countries where the main element is Electro

New charactersPerhaps Inazuma will become a full-fledged region that can be visited not only within the framework of the plot, but also just like that.

And despite the fact that the post in which it was quite a lot of details, refuting the idea of ​​characters from the table in update 1.2, were recently removed from Reddit, you can see the number of comments and their content.

Also on the Internet there is information about the introduction of two absolutely different characters in update 1.2 after the end of the Tartaglia and Zhong Li promotion. They will become Albedo (Cryo) and Gan Yu (Geo).

For those who do not know them, we will tell you more. Albedo – one of the smartest alchemists who took as an assistant Sucrose… He is calm by nature, everyone loves him. They speak positively about him all, including Kayawhich is not easy to impress. And even Klithat no one can calm. Gan Yu is secretary and at the same time emissary the most influential group in Li Yue – Qi Xing… Follows orders strictly Lord of the StoneZhong Li

Zhong Li and Tartaglia

Perhaps, on Chinese New Year in February 2021, another character will become available to players – Xiao, who can be “knocked out” during the Prayer.

New Activities in Genshin Impact

In contrast to more or less reliable information about the characters, less is known about the activities. The only detailed source of information is a post on the Imgur photo aggregator site.

Judging by it, the players will go on a treasure hunt (in the image, they are marked with the English letters A to E). In the process, you can get to special cache with a good reward

Lake of StarfallsAccording to the photos, the new activity will be associated with Lake Starfallslocated in the northeast of Mondsstadt. This clearly speaks of a sensible approach from the developers of Genshin Impact, who want to attract more players. long term

The post also mentions seeley, little ghost ballswhich you must lead to the pedestals before they stay there. For their efforts, they reward the player with a chest in which they will good quality things, which is better than a couple of dozen adventure experience points and a small amount of mora.

New quests in Genshin Impact

Currently, the least known part of Update 1.2 is the new story quests.

According to all the leaks, despite the wishes of the developers keep the intrigue until the very end, players will face a storyline that will unfold in Inazuma – the country Electro Archon, Shogun Baal… This decision looks quite logical after graduation storyline in Mondsstadt and Li Yue

Inazuma, the extreme part of it

The Traveler, despite his origin, will not be able to get a connection with the Electro Archon. This is explained by the lore, according to which Baal decided to hunt those who have the Eye of God.

Other changes

In addition to the plot, characters and activities, a lot of things may change in Update 1.2. First of all, any modifications require original resin… At the moment, the situation is such that gamers have many restrictions, which especially hinder those who can only play at night, after work and all household chores

Some changes are being made to the balance now. For example, the difficulty of the fight with Childe was reduced, which makes it easier to walk in general. This clearly shows the rather reverent attitude of miHoYo developers to your community

A lot of things will change in 1.2Update 1.2 release date

Genshin Impact 1.2 Dragon Thorn Patch 1.2 Due Out December 23, 2020in exactly six weeks after the introduction of update 1.1.

Taking this into account, we can safely predict a new update at number 1.3 already for February 2021

It is reasonable to assume that if miHoYo continue to adhere to six week schedule major updates are released, which means that version 1.4 will most likely be launched in March, then in May, etc.

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