• March 4, 2024

Gifts for participating in the test in WoT

A new reward system for players with premium tanks, tutorials, universal fragments, customization and combat missions for experience.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we have interesting news – the developers are testing rewards for players for participating in the update test. On May 15, a new patch 1.9.1 was released on the test server, in which an element such as “Supplies from the rear”

But this has already happened recently, only it was framed differently. At the beginning of February, when the New Balance was tested (and in particular, the shell rebalance), in order to attract a larger audience, the developers introduced combat missions, for the completion of which rewards were received on the main server on the test server:

Then they gave 5 days of prema, 30 improved consumables and 30 reserves (of all types) for fulfilling the conditions of three combat missions.

Apparently, the developers were satisfied with the increase in the audience on the test, so now they plan to introduce incentive awards on an ongoing basis. This is not yet the final version, so it is only available on the general test so far.

Now there are 10 awards to choose from, but only 4 of them can be taken:You can try out premium tanks of different tiers in order to know in the future whether they are worth buying or they will not suit you (this is a good option, considering that there is real money at stake).

A universal tutorial allows you to almost completely pump 1 perk to a new crew:

Combat missions for x5 experience are a valuable acquisition if you want to quickly pass some dull tank. For this, players appreciate the Twitch Prime sets so much, because every time they give from 10 to 20 hit points for x5 experience

Also, on the test, you can research any technique for free experience and try it in battle in order to understand whether it is worth downloading or it is better to score. The supply of loans and freedoms is practically inexhaustible.

This method is much more profitable than pumping out gradually on the main client of the game, sometimes spending months on it, then to be disappointed and leave the “ten” gathering dust in the Garage.

The Test Server can be accessed only through the WGG Center. You can download the file for access using this link. It will add the test to the client and download all the necessary files.

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