• July 5, 2022

Giveaway of 4 Halloween Games for Weak PCs

All Saints’ Day came… In honor of him, Indiegala and other resources began free distribution 4 projects at once on a PC. Each of them is quite unusual and therefore will be interesting for gamers.

Airdrop of 4 games on Indiegala, Bonpsi and Indie-Ru.  Hurry up to pick up in honor of Halloween!

Consider what they offer for Halloween.

Whispering willows

Here the gamer will have to take on the role Helena Elhorn – a simple girl with a rather unusual ability in the form leaving the spirit from the bodyThis became possible thanks to amuletgiven to her father… With him, she can interact with both the real world (move objects, open / close something), and with spiritualchatting with ghosts in abandoned the Willows estate she found herself in. And there she appeared for a reason. She is looking for a father missing under unknown circumstances… As you solve puzzles and communicate with the dead, you must help Elena find her father.

You can pick up the game here


This project is a rather challenging puzzle in the unusual Sokoban style. The player here is only required to move objects and blocks, although the riddles gradually become everything is more complicated. Each puzzle shows one or several elements of game mechanics and fixes them in the player’s memory by solving the tasks that must be completed in order to advance further in the world of the unknown Florian Empire. The SNAPto duration turned out to be not too bigbut she forces brainwash their extremely difficult tasks.

You can pick up the game by this link

Unbridled dungeon

One of the representatives of the rather popular genre “Roguelike”. The main character is an unknown knight, who must, at will, explore a huge dungeon, and it every time randomly generated.

In the process of research, the player needs to protect his character from monsters that have arisen from nowhere. The reward for this will be the ability to appropriate the treasures. On the way, by the way, come across various potions. They are divided into four types:

  1. Replenishment of health.
  2. Become a knight.
  3. Transformation into a wizard.
  4. Becoming a dinosaur.

So, the player’s task is simple – complete all levels, collect as much gold as possible and curb the world of the dungeon.

You can get the game by this link

Left = Lose

A classic pixel platformer with a pretty self-explanatory name. Moreover, it is clearly displayed in the game mechanics, where movement back is impossible, and death equates to failure… It turns out that the hero can only move forward. The character has two simple actions: run and jump. There are no enemies here, but there are traps to avoid.

60 unique levels, and in each the main goal is the same – not to die. Quite difficult, given their architecture, where you can run into one or even several traps.

You can pick up Left = Lose by this link

We hope you find these games interesting!

Current giveaway of 8 games on Steam and EGS.

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