• December 1, 2023

Giveaway of Total War Saga: TROY Started

The new strategy will allow players to take part in the famous Trojan War and rewrite history in their own way, taking control of the army on behalf of the great commanders of that time.

Total Var Saga Troy

Hello friends! With you Wotpack and we could not ignore the new distribution of the game in the Epic Game Store. This game will be released in the store as an exclusive and will be free only for the first 24 hours after release (if you have time to pick it up – it will remain forever). For example, the incentive game will be released only in 2021.

Total War Saga TROY in the storeTotal War Saga: TROY Giveaway Starts August 13 at about 16.00 (if there are no delays), although usually the distribution of games began at 18.00. To get it, you need to enter the game launcher and click “Get”

System requirements for Total War Saga: TROY

system requirements for Total War Saga TROY

Review of Total War Saga: TROY

Although many will take away the strategy simply because it is given away for free, let’s all figure out a little what the game is about and what its prospects are in the future.

If you are familiar with history, or at least watched the film “Troy”, then you know that the impetus for the historical confrontation was the love of the Trojan prince Paris and Helena the Beautiful, which he took away from the brother of the Spartan king Menelaus.Total war saga troy

It is from this moment that the confrontation begins on the strategic map. The main choice of sides is limited to two factions: Greece and Troy. But on the other hand, several heroes are available for each nation, including:

  • Achilles;
  • Hector;
  • Paris;
  • Menelaus.

We will find out the full list of generals after the release of the game.

Not without unique units that can be summoned in the heat of battle:

  • Minotaur;
  • Cyclops;
  • giant;
  • centaur.

unique Warriors in Total War Troy

In this regard, the developers drew ideas from Total War Warhammer. But here, supposedly, not monsters, but superhumans.

Players have to build their empire and change the course of the war. Everything is in your hands: destroy Troy to its foundations or drive back the Greek invaders. State management is combined with bloody battles in real time. There are three ways to resolve the conflict:

  1. Strategy.
  2. Diplomacy.
  3. Power solutions.

Plunge into a large-scale reconstruction of the Bronze Age, rewrite history as you wish. The game has beautifully designed models of soldiers and cities, a nice drawing of the world on the global map.

Add-ons for Total War Saga: TROY

amazons total var saga troy

The developers have already prepared the first add-on for —Amazons. Legendary Amazons, led by their queen Hippolyta and her sister Penthesileia, are ready to break into confrontation and make their contribution to the outcome of the Trojan War.

Unique units and special mechanics for capturing territories on the global map have been prepared for the Amazons.

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