• October 3, 2023

Global rebalancing of the “Empire Border” map in WoT

New key damage shots and major direction changes. We suggest you find out what will be changed on the map, so that later you can better navigate how to play.

Empire border WoT

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and the next map on the supertest with new edits in World of Tanks. The developers actively tackled the rebalancing of old maps, trying to balance the odds of winning on both sides.

At the bottom of the page you can find information on all the changes on the old maps and on those that will be released in 2020.

Look at the updated map “Empire’s border”:empire border map

The first stage is planned reduce map corridor, improve communication between directions and add variability to maneuvers. Also the developers are going eliminate imbalance, as the top base has a winning percentage advantage.

Zone 1

Space for maneuvers added to medium and light tanks, now will be where to roam. Here the developers are definitely great, because earlier this direction was very boring to play, it did not enjoy much popularity.
It was:Became:

Also now added a direct drive to the gate in Zone 4

Zone 2

Here improved position for tank destroyers, now from here you can shoot at tanks moving in the direction zone 5 and at the same time monitor the new open area in zone 6

It was Has become

Zone 3

Then they decided to cut the corner so that reduce the arrival time to zone 5

It was Has become

Zone 4

In this area, tangible changes are outlined. The “gate” in the center was expanded, and the relief near them between 4 and 5 zones leveled. From the outside of the mountain it will now be possible to shoot through heavy tankswho most often “butt” among themselves in zone 5

It was Has become

Generally changes here directed to increase comfort games.

Zone 5

Now let’s look at the fifth zone, which has already been mentioned several times. The area of ​​the collision of heavy tanks was radically altered. Lower base team’s lead reduced, and the general relief of the zone was leveled for a more comfortable driving experience.

It was Has become

Zone 6

This corner of the map was also extensively redesigned. Eased flank attacks in the field of opposing strains in zone 5Tank destroyer in zones 2 and 7 now it is also worth looking around, now they available for attack from one side.

Zone 7

As well as for the upper respawn, the lower improved the site for cluster tank destroyers and thin tanks of the 3rd line… From here it will be possible to control strands in zone 5 and do not lose sight of the open area of ​​the map in zone 6

It was Has become

Personally, I like the changes on this map, it needed a rebalance for a long time

Not everyone liked her, but if all of the above will be brought to life, then she can definitely be removed from the black list (some people just don’t like her so much that they banned her).

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