• July 5, 2022

Grand Theft Auto V – best cars [ТОП-10]

Here are some of the finest and most powerful cars in GTA V. Find out what you can do on the streets of Los Santos and the Blaine County Autobahns.

The best cars in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V continues to be one of the most popular games, capturing the attention of the audience not only offline, but also online. New cars are an integral part of the regular updates released by the developers at Rockstar Games. Supercars have literally become the cherished dream of every player conquering Los Santos.

Some cars can cost more than a million dollars. Only successful robberies and other gaming activities can allow you to accumulate a suitable amount. In our rating, the performance, design and price of a car are taken into account for a more objective formation of the TOP of the best technology.

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10. Ocelot XA-21 – the “dream” among supercars

Ocelot XA-21 in GTA V

This car with a body of a hypercar is positioned as a supercar, having a corresponding price tag, which in retail is $ 2,375 million… Only a few really successful robberies can open access to such a car. On ordinary online missions, you will have to spend many hours, destroying thousands of enemies in dozens of small showdowns and robberies.

Perhaps the developers when creating this model were inspired by Jaguar C-X75, McLaren P1 and Koenigsegg regera… At the time of release, the car is one of the fastest in the game. It has a repainted interior, a retractable spoiler and “talking” engines in the V8 and V12 versions (does not affect the power characteristics). The car quickly starts from a place and keeps well on the asphalt surface.

9. Pegassi Infernus – a timeless classic

Pegassi Infernus in GTA V

This supercar appeared in GTA 3, and then was considered one of the best in GTA Vice City, because had top speed and excellent handling. The design is implemented in accordance with all the canons Lamborgini, which is literally screaming body parts and painting in the colors of the Italian flag.

The main competitor in the gaming car industry for this car is – Cheetah… The obvious advantage over other models is the price tag in $ 440 thousand, which are sometimes earned for one successful robbery.

8. Emperor ETR1 – the most graceful 195 mph

Emperor ETR1 in GTA V

According to Internet databases, Emperor ETR1 the maximum speed is 195 mph and weighs 1.4 tons. You can buy this car for $ 1.995 million… The value for money is not ideal, but still, a car similar to the flagships from Lexus and Nissan, deserves the attention of the players.

Of particular interest are the giant carbon fiber spoiler and lower body trim. The high speed and agility easily meet the basic needs of players on the Blaine County pistes every day.

7. Entity XF – sharpness of forms and smoothness of the course

Entity XF in GTA V

For the status of the fastest hypercar Entity XF does not struggle, but at the same time has better controllability at the level of maximum speedometer indicators. It is highly recommended to try this car for everyone, “who knows what a controlled skid is and feels like a boss on any wheels.”

We can definitely say that a real prototype for Entity XF is an Koenigsegg CCX… The car was redesigned in the last part of GTA, but continues to be one of the most popular among the players.

6.Grotti Turismo R – hybrid design creativity

Grotti Turismo R in GTA V

The creators of GTA V are constantly improving their skill when creating cars. Rockstar is not just copying the design, but literally mixing different styles to create a hybrid car. This is exactly what became Grotti turismo rcombining the best of McLaren P1, Ferrari La Ferrari, Lamborgini Sesto Elemento and Arash AF8… First-person operation of this machine can put you in a state of aesthetic buzz 😎.

5. Progen Itali GTB Custom – why not McLaren

Progen Itali GTB Custom in GTA V

In terms of the number of supercars created, Grand Theft Auto V does not lag behind that of the infamous Forza Horizon. So. For example, for just $ 495K players can get Progen Itali GTB Customintroduced as part of the Import-Export Update. Obviously, the design and characteristics of the car are built on the capabilities of several of the best versions. McLaren

4. Pegassi Zentorno is a brutal racing leader

Pegassi Zentorno in GTA V

This gorgeous hypercar appeared in the Hugh Life update. “Squinting” headlights immediately draw a parallel with Acura NSX, and the smoothness of the shapes – with Lamborgini Veneno… Controllability indicators Pegassi zentorno above average. In races, he becomes a serious thorn in any of the opponents.

3. Grotti X80 Proto – beautiful, though not the fastest

Grotti X80 Proto in GTA V

In real life, such a car should not exist due to all existing rules and regulations of the road. However, in GTA V, players are given the opportunity to have a unique driving experience. If, of course, someone has free $ 2.7 million on such a hypercar.

Design Grotti X90 Proto somewhat like Ferrari f80 and Lamborgini venemo… At its maximum speed, the car is inferior to some supercars. However, once you look at this car, you simply cannot pass by.

2. Vapid FMJ – perfect racing streamlining

Vapid FMJ in GTA V

At its not the greatest speed Vapid FMJ will cost the player $ 1.75 million… You can compare the supercar with Ford GT 2017 years and Aston Martin Vulcan… A sleek spoiler and perfect streamlining make this car a racing car.

1. Dewbauchee Vagner – the car that everyone dreams of

Dewbauchee Vagner in GTA V

This car gives out the highest speed indicators among the entire fleet of GTA V. Literally anyone wants to pay $ 1,535 million per Dewbauchee Vagnerif he loves hypercars. Perhaps the design of this car is inspired by Aston martin valkyrie

If any of the cars is only temporarily available for purchase, then you can always use microtransactions (in-game donation). However, we are for painstaking work, if that is what the next update can be called. Leave your comments, if you know the best examples of cars in Grand Theft Auto, and also do not forget to follow our articles on the game,

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