• December 5, 2023

Guide for creating mods for Minecraft using MCreator

Custom add-ons make any game better, and this sandbox is no exception. We will teach you how to create your own mods. This is much easier than it sounds.

Creating mods for Minecraft

Unofficial content for the 3D sandbox appears regularly: third-party developers are releasing new maps and crafting recipes for Minecraft, inventing modifications with new items and competitive mechanics, supplementing the virtual universe with biomes and mines with resources. Despite the variety of content on offer, sometimes the choice is still not enough, and therefore many enthusiasts dream of implementing own ideas to life. But how to make a mod for Minecraft without knowledge of programming languages? Truth on the surface: just use the dedicated MCreator toolbox.

How to install MCreator


A set of tools for developing modifications is distributed in the form of third-party software that is installed not in the Minecraft directory, but in a separate directory, from where it is subsequently launched to develop new content. It is necessary to transfer new objects, textures or decorative elements after, through a special menu and section Build & Run… First, you have to deal directly with the installation:

  • Double click on the MCreator distribution kit with the left mouse button and wait for the installer to load;
  • Accept the agreement by clicking on the button I Agree;
  • Select a directory for unpacking files MCreator… The developers recommend not to change the default values ​​(C, Program Files);
  • If the installation is interrupted and an error appears on top of the installer interface Error Opening File For Writing, then first you should try to click on the Retry button, and then download and install Java and Java Development Kit 8;
  • The MCreator shortcut will appear on the desktop and in the Start menu, and a set of tools for Minecraft developers of mods will be available for launch.

Download program for creating mods for Minecraft


DOWNLOAD from Google Drive

MCreator functions

Patterns, blocks and textures available in MCreator

The MCreator interface is overloaded with buttons, context menus and quick access panels, and is also presented only in English. Beginners will not be able to get used to it instantly (even taking into account the tooltips and recommendations), but 3-4 hours spent experimenting will bring long-awaited results. And what will be the results – depends directly on the selected functions:

  • MCreator resolves in semi-automatic mode invent new blocks, indoor lighting, decorative items, new fluids and fuels. To each prepared element, the tool allows you to assign new characteristics and additional values ​​through the built-in menu;
  • Panels with buttonslocated at the top, bottom and side of the interface customized: Buttons are dragged, sliders are hidden. Additionally, there is a selection of hotkey combinations for common actions;
  • Built-in graphics editor in MCreator adapted for preparing textures, models and images, necessary for filling blocks, objects, third-party elements, such as weapons. You don’t have to select the sizes or colors – just select the appropriate working format in Image Maker;
  • Supports plugins and extensions for setting up artificial intelligence, preparing generators and recipes, maps and texture sets. Third-party content often automates routine actions and offers suitable solutions for the implementation of ideas;
  • The preparation of each Minecraft mod begins with working out the basics: you have to choose the place of appearance (biome, height, world), deal with visual changes in the rain and snow, adjust the color, or even pick up the elements of the recipe for crafting. Each of the items is selected through the panel with parameters, where just place check marks and plus signs;
  • It is not at all necessary to start preparing modifications and third-party content every time: MCreator offers to immediately access the “base” with textures, 3D models, sprites, structures and effects. There is even a section with sounds. Therefore, it is enough to select the source code and start experimenting and searching for new ideas.

How to create a block in Minecraft

Although the tool is overflowing with features and capabilities, it is worth starting a creative journey with small achievements. Here is the instruction for MCreator, designed to facilitate the process of preparing a new block:

  • First step – workspace preparation using the button depicting a plus sign located on the quick access panel on the left;
  • In the menu that appears, select the option Block) and choose a name for the future resource or decorative element. It is recommended to enter text in English (plugins and extensions will help you experiment with translation);
  • Next we have to deal with block design. There is an option for loading textures with a file (the main image formats are supported) or preparing the design manually through the built-in editor. Regardless of the choice, you will have to change the design with the help of 6 squares that indicate the edges of the block in the scan.
    Block preparation in MCreator
    If the design is the same from all faces, then it is enough to fill only the left part with color or an image (Left) – the rest of the value is transferred automatically.
  • You can’t do without setting the characteristics: MCreator allows you to select the type of render, set transparency (Transparency), change parameters of “hardness”, affecting mining speed, Resistance, Dropping Properties and earth properties, redstone, throughput.
  • The transition between each step is accompanied by pressing the button Next… If you need to go back, you need to select Back on the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • The next steps for preparing a new block are related to the capacity and layout methods in the inventory (how many blocks fit in a cell, the maximum number of stacks). Additionally, it is possible to erase the block after destruction: just uncheck the box Drop items from inventory when block destroyed.
  • The process of preparing a new block ends at the stage of selecting the generation parameters (Generation Properties). MCreator developers offer choose where to add the block (biome, approximate height, world type – standard, lower), in what quantity and volume, whether special designations of rarity are necessary. Each of the menu items is selected using drop-down menus, and therefore it is not necessary to know the values ​​and additional information – the tool will tell you where to click.

If the actions described above have been done correctly, then the MCreator main menu will show information about the new block with the ability to transfer content directly to Minecraft. An alternative way of interaction is to select the “edit” item and again, in the same step-by-step mode, go all the way to change the physical parameters, design, properties or the place of adding to the sandbox.

MCreator interface and tools

MCreator is not the only representative of the genre: similar in concept instruments periodically appear on the net. But somewhere you need to know programming languages ​​or select a suitable version for Minecraft, and somewhere you cannot do without additional training. MCreator is designed to help everyone realize their plans in a semi-automatic mode: even beginners can handle it.

We hope you figured out how to make mods for Minecraft. If you enjoy playing with custom content but aren’t ready to create one yourself, then try downloading the ready-made content. Check out our selection of realism mods. If you prefer to play in vanilla, then survival cards or drop cards will perfectly diversify your gameplay.

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