• May 22, 2024

Guide to destroy Anihala in Bravely Default 2

As players progress through the main storyline of Bravely Default 2, in the city of Savalon, they will have to fight Anihala, the Mistress of the Beasts. And, although she is not the strongest boss, she can pose a serious problem due to her special skills and companion animals.

How to beat Anihala in Bravely Default 2?

Anihala has five attacks in her arsenal that she uses during the battle:

  • “Strike of Mercy” deals heavy damage to one of the heroes, but cannot take away health below 1;
  • Scythe grants moderate damage to the entire team;
  • “Silence” silences all group members, having recently cast a spell;
  • “Animal Rescue” is performed when Anihala is low on health and a physical attack is aimed at her, after which she summons the beast to save her, causing damage to all members of the squad;
  • Unleash – Anihala orders one of her beast companions to perform a special attack.

Before this battle, it is recommended to have at least one healer in the group, and magicians with good damage. Even though the skill “Silence” all of them can be temporarily taken out of the battle. At the beginning of the battle, three beasts will fight next to Anihala: Gelaflan, Undine and Peist. First of all, you need to focus the damage on Undine, since she is the healer of the group.

How to beat Anihala in Bravely Default 2?

After that, it is worth eliminating the rest of the animals, and only then switch to Anihila, since in this case she will no longer be able to use the skills “Rescue animals” and “Descend from the leash”. Defensive tactics will also be key to success. Even when Anihala is left alone, you need to remain on the defensive until the party gains courage points, and then unleashes all the power of your group on her.

With patience and timely healing of injured party members, the group will be able to survive the powerful attacks of Anihil, and eventually receive the Beastmaster’s Star.

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