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guide to each battle with Nemesis

The main antagonist of Resident Evil 3 is Nemesis. However, whether it is possible to call him an “antagonist” as such is a completely different topic for discussion, but today is not about that. So who is Nemesis? Well, Nemesis is a very special creature created in the secret laboratories of the Umbrella Company. The main goal of this monster is to track down and kill members of the special, tactical and rescue service of the city of Raccoon City (abbreviated as STARS), who inadvertently witnessed not the most … pleasant events in the original Resident Evil.

In today’s article, we will look at each of the battles with Nemesis in Resident Evil 3. It should be noted right away that the appearance of a thug is an absolutely scripted event. Simply put, he will not adamantly pursue you through all levels, as did Mr. X in the remake of Resident Evil 2. That’s right, everything is on the “rails”, but this is not necessarily something bad!

How to fight off Nemesis

Nemesis is an extremely unique opponent. Why? Yes, if only because his vulnerabilities will constantly change as the game progresses. When fighting Nemesis, you need to focus on his current weapons and environment.

It sounds pretty damn difficult, but believe me: everything is very intuitive and you shouldn’t have any problems, at least when playing the game on medium difficulty. Ok, let’s now go directly to the actual encounters with Nemesis …

Nemesis in Jill Valentine’s apartment

Resident Evil 3 has a fairly measured start. Jill has an unpleasant nightmare that she has become a zombie. You also have time to explore the heroine’s apartment. Well, then you answer the call – and the fun begins! Considering this is the very first encounter with Nemesis, the game will literally lead you by the hand. Often times, you will only be required to move forward.

In the same battle, we also learn extremely valuable information: Nemesis cannot be killed with conventional firearms. People don’t survive headshots. So, the game has transferred control of Jill to you – run along the corridor. To make the heroine run, press R3 on the controller or Shift on the keyboard. A short cutscene awaits you at the end of the corridor.

As soon as you crawl out through the window of the apartment and go down the fire escape, Nemesis attacks you with his nasty tentacle (yes, he has tentacles!). Then run along the corridor, engulfed in fire, until you reach the second fire. Go down it even lower to once again get into an ambush of Nemesis. This time, you need to run to the exit door from Nemesis with a huge piece of wall in your hands.

Just move forward and you will be fine. True, it looks scary, but everything is pretty safe. When you reach the moment with parking, press the buttons that will be displayed on your screen. Again, a tense but relatively safe moment.

Nemesis in the city

Let’s move on to our first real encounter with Nemesis! This time this monstrous guy is attacking you in the right city. How does he attack? Nothing special: it will run after you and try to hook with its claws / fists. In general, like any other zombie, but much faster. However, from time to time, Nemesis will grab ordinary zombies and “buff” them.

You cannot kill Nemesis with your weaponry. However, this does not mean that you cannot temporarily disable it. Just shoot at him with everything you have in your inventory and sooner or later he will kneel down. The easiest way to stun Nemesis with a shotgun is by shooting him in the head. In a stunned state, Nemesis will stay for about half a minute. This will be enough to get away to a safe distance.

It is important to remember: Nemesis will not be able to chase you if you enter some room on the level. However, given the environment, this guy might stop right in front of the entrance you used and wait for you there. Always check the doors you used because there might be a huge surprise in the trash bags (well, at least it looks like that).

In addition, apparently, Nemesis can teleport (!) Around the map to unexpectedly appear right in front of Jill. Typically, Nemesis attacks the player with his fists. These can be both slow attacks, which are easy enough to dodge, and fast, easily stunning the main character.

However, it should be noted that the stun itself does no damage, but temporary immobility makes you vulnerable to subsequent attacks from Nemesis or some random zombie on the street. The frightening capture of the monster does not do any damage either. Nemesis will terrorize you in the center of Raccoon City.

Who are alpha hunters and how to kill them

Remember those zombies to whom Nemesis distributes “buffs” by attaching something unclear to their head? So, these guys are called Alpha Hunters – the most common zombies that were infected with the G-virus. Alpha Hunters are much stronger and more dangerous than the usual zombies that fill the streets of Raccoon City. Their weak point is a red dot on the tentacle, but they will almost constantly cover it with their own hands. Here’s what we advise you to do: first shoot in the arms with a shotgun, and then shoot something more precise, for example, a pistol, at the red dot.

Nemesis on the subway

Next time you will meet Nemesis in the subway. Here you will distract him and try to escape. In truth, this moment cannot be called a battle with Nemesis. It’s more of a small puzzle. We distract the attention of the monster, and then quickly run towards the exit. As soon as Nemesis chases after you, head down the corridor. Do not try to shoot at him with your cannons, because it is completely useless.

Find the spray that will stand astride the rack, then turn right and go to the service staff room. Move between the equipment racks until you get to the ventilation with a yellow grate. You try to remove this grate, but here Nemesis will prevent you. Pick up ammunition and run further.

Try to lure Nemesis to the barrels of fuel, then shoot at them so that they explode and briefly stun him. Well, if you weren’t able to do what you planned with the barrels (they exploded too early or something like that), use explosives and firearms. When Nemesis is stunned, return to the yellow grate and climb into the ventilation.

Flamethrower Nemesis

That’s it, the jokes are over: Nemesis took up the flamethrower. It can be considered that this is the first really dangerous encounter with the antagonist of Resident Evil 3. Nemesis will appear in front of Jill immediately after she exits the sewers and walks through the construction site. The flamethrower will hang on the left hand of Nemesis. Here’s what you need to do: get your feet away from the big guy, killing or dodging zombies along the way.

Move up until you reach the security room. Use the typewriter, take away all the supplies that are in this room, check your weapon. So, Nemesis is standing in front of you – shoot at the fuel tank on his back. This is quite easy to do, because the boss is extremely slow. In addition, the flamethrower cannot “shoot” at a great distance, but Jill will be seriously injured if she does come under fire. Plus, you should forget that the surrounding objects not only ignite from the attacks of Nemesis, but can also injure you if you inadvertently bump into them.

From time to time, Nemesis will shoot from a flamethrower into the air, which will cause a kind of fire rain. The damage from this rain is not so great, but because of it you can easily hesitate and get under the real attack of the boss. Take a close look at the site of the Nemesis battle, as there are many useful supplies to be found here.

Among other things, there will be a generator here, shooting at which you can temporarily stun the boss if he is at a sufficiently close distance. As soon as you destroy the fuel tank on the back of Nemesis, he will begin to move much faster. Moreover, the flamethrower is still dangerous: it will be used as a melee weapon. Dodge Nemesis’ attacks and shoot at him with whatever you have. Sooner or later, the battle will end in your favor.

Rocket Launcher Nemesis

Remember how we said at the very beginning that Nemesis cannot be killed with conventional firearms? Now, this statement is still true. You will again meet with Nemesis, and this time he will bring with him a giant rocket launcher, which is an order of magnitude more dangerous than a flamethrower. Fortunately, the rocket launcher is equipped with a guidance system, and therefore does not fire immediately. Dodge exactly at the moment when the laser sight of the rocket launcher turns red. Continue maneuvering until Carlos comes to your aid.

Nemesis in Monstrous Form

Another rather difficult fight with Nemesis, which will unfold on the bridge and a large area with a tower. It is fundamentally different from all other encounters with this boss, because the latter will abandon his anthropomorphic morph and turn into a monster, jumping on all fours through the level. Nemesis in this form no longer has long-range weapons, but this shortcoming is more than compensated for by the speed of movement and colossal damage in melee.

The main thing is to constantly dodge / dodge his attacks and not let him corner you. One hit from a feral Nemesis is half of Jill’s health. Therefore, we do not take risks, we dodge and shoot at the boss only when we are in relative safety. By the way, you can find fire grenades in the arena where you fight!

Having inflicted a certain amount of damage on Nemesis, he will start jumping around the buildings of the arena. We shoot at him, but do not forget that he is very fast. Mines are another type of explosive that will be useful in this situation. Sooner or later, the battle will end and you will move on.

Nemesis at the Umbrella laboratory

Unfortunately, Nemesis will never return to anthropomorphic form. In the future, you will have to fight with his monster form. Once Jill manages to create a vaccine in the secret laboratories of Umbrella, Nemesis will swoop down on her. At first it may seem to you that this form is a monster form from the last time, but this is not entirely true. This time, in addition to his old movements, the boss will actively use his huge arm with tentacles.

In such a brawl, only dodging will be advisable: indentation will often not work, and the boss hits very hard. When Nemesis pulls in his tentacle, it means that he is going to shoot them at you. Seeing a similar picture, quickly dodge. Dodge, but do not forget to attack the enemy, especially with the help of fire grenades, if you can find one. As always, the headshot deals the most damage, but Nemesis’ head is not very big at this stage, so it might not be worth it.

Continue to fight the boss until he lets out a heart-rending cry. At this moment, the lights will go out, zombies will appear in the arena, and a little later – Carlos. He will help Jill dodge Nemesis’ attacks, so be sure to listen to what he is trying to tell you. Don’t ignore him, or you’re covered. If you suddenly notice that Nemesis stood on his hind legs and raises his disgusting tentacle up – run, and the farther the better. And as soon as you dodge this attack, Nemesis will launch a rather deadly combo. Don’t try to do something at this moment and just run.

Attention: Nemesis will jump over huge tanks (?) – shoot them with a grenade launcher so that they explode and shock the boss, thereby stunning him. As soon as he is immobilized, shoot.

Nemesis giant

The giant nemesis is the last form of the antagonist of Resident Evil 3. This version of the monster is invulnerable to conventional weapons, and therefore you will have to acquire a huge cannon, which will lie in a capsule near the boss. Using the console on the capsule, Jill will take the cannon in hand and independently shoot from it at Nemesis.

Next, you need to reload your weapon by interacting with special red cells that will be located on the walls of the arena. Of course, Nemesis will actively interfere with the reloading process. Dodge attacks and try to finish charging. And where, in fact, to shoot? Yes, everything is pretty obvious: shoot at the huge tumors on the body of Nemesis to temporarily incapacitate him. Shoot at tumors, use cells to reload your cannon, and so on until you defeat the boss.

Resident Evil 3 is a fairly short game, but it can take quite a while if you can’t handle Nemesis, especially on the higher difficulties. We can only wish you good luck!

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