• July 5, 2022

Guide to quick and easy resource extraction in Total War Saga: Troy

In many of the previous games in the Total War series, gold was the primary resource. However, in the recently released Total War Saga: Troy, players need to pay attention to not one, but as many as five resources, each of which is necessary for certain tasks. You will never be a big shot in Greece if you don’t know how to manage these resources. Fortunately, in today’s guide, we will tell you in detail how to do this …

Resource types

Let’s take a closer look at each of the five resources available in Total War Saga: Troy.


Your Greek empire cannot flourish or even exist if you do not have an abundance of provisions, or in simple words, food. Thanks to the provisions, you can recruit soldiers and keep them in a satisfactory condition. Regular units are always recruited with provisions, however, you will need a little more food to recruit and support the elite. Among other things, food is necessary for offering to the gods in order to receive blessings from them and, as a result, useful bonuses. That is why try to stock up on food as much as possible so that you have enough not only for fighters, but also for sacrifices.


It is not difficult to guess that you will mainly need wood to build a variety of buildings. Most of the buildings in the game are constructed and improved with wood, however, some buildings may require you and other resources. Wood is one of the basic resources in Total War Saga: Troy, the value of which will always be at an extremely high level. The more your empire is, the more wood you will need.

A rock

As with wood, stone is used during the construction of certain structures, usually high-level ones. If wood is ubiquitous in the game, then stone is a rather rare resource. In 80% of cases, wood reserves will exceed stone reserves, and therefore do not worry too much that you are lacking this resource – everything is as intended.


Bronze is an even rarer resource in Total War Saga: Troy. Bronze is used when training elite fighters and equipping them with the appropriate equipment. Therefore, if you want a strong army, stock up on bronze as much as possible.


Gold is without a doubt the rarest resource in the game. As with bronze, you will need gold to train and equip elite fighters. In addition, gold will be used to perform various actions by your agents, as well as for certain diplomatic actions. Gold will help strengthen your empire and expand your area of ​​influence.

How to track available resources

Now let’s talk about how to keep track of the resources available to you. On the main screen of Total War Saga: Troy, you can see a line with five types of resources, each of which has two different numbers. The upper number shows the amount of the resource available at the moment, and the lower – how much the amount of this resource will change by the next turn. Accordingly, the lower number will be positive if an increase in the amount of the resource is expected in the next turn and negative if it is expected to decrease. A very convenient thing with which you can effectively plan your actions.

Why can some resources go negatively? The answer is that its consumption is too high. Goes into the minus provisions? You drifted a little while recruiting fighters. Is the wood going away? You started building or upgrading too many buildings. It is clear that you do not need to panic right away if any of the five resources began to go into negative territory, because this is quite normal, but do not forget to glance at the scales from time to time so that you do not inadvertently completely go into negative territory.

Maximizing reserves

Let’s take a look at five options for maximizing resource reserves with you.

  1. The provinces in the game consist of a center and two adjacent regions. Each of these regions is responsible for the production of a specific resource. Simply put, you do not need to run with a saber bald for every region, capturing everything. Try to have regions that extract all five resources at the disposal of your empire – keep the balance! Now, with regard to the conquest of regions and provinces, after capturing a territory, the game will give you a choice: to construct military buildings or resource buildings. In this regard, it is also recommended to maintain a balance, but try to construct resource buildings more often in order to quickly increase your reserves. Among other things, there are a lot of different buildings with all sorts of unique bonuses. For example, one building can give out resources, but at the same time lower your influence, while another will give a strong increase in resources on the territory of not only the region, but also the province in principle, but it will also lower the happiness of the townspeople. In general, you need to watch and experiment.
  2. As you might guess, ports can only be built on coastal areas. Such ports will provide the empire with food, which will positively affect your army and the production of resources in the provincial regions. Plus, don’t forget about useful military bonuses. The level of the citadel (located in the capital of the provinces) or the small settlement (the center of the region) determines the level to which you can bring the port and resource structures. Always try to level up buildings and ports so that they bring you the best possible benefit.
  3. Resources can be obtained not only peacefully, but also on the battlefield. As a reward for winning a battle, the game can give you provisions and resources for the construction of buildings, however, the latter happens extremely rarely. After the battle, you can also either kill all of your opponents, or take some of them prisoner. We advise you to first take prisoners, and then release them: this way you can get bonus resources. When fighting for a settlement, you can plunder this very settlement. Plus, you can raid the enemy’s territory, which will also help to get additional resources.
  4. Do not forget about the so-called royal decrees that may be associated with certain resources. The issuance of one such decree may take a certain number of moves. It is worth noting that most of the royal decrees do not have a direct effect on resources as such, but this does not apply to the decrees of the very first level – be sure to unlock them as soon as possible!
  5. Diplomacy is the most efficient way to extract resources. We use gold and extract the resources we need.
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