• October 3, 2023

Guide to solving the error Failed to connect to libraries minecraft.net

Every day, players of the world’s most popular sandbox receive tens of thousands of “Error details: Failed to connect to libraries.minecraft.net port 443: Timed out” errors. Usually the problem occurs when starting the game or downloading updates. Let’s first figure out what is causing the problem and then fix it.

Code Failed to download file

The message “Failed to download file” indicates that the game was unable to download updates or these files were not installed correctly. This is preceded by a situation when the download is interrupted due to the loss of connection with the server, and the upgrade is in limbo. Some libraries are simply missing and don’t want to load.

What can provoke the problem:

  • Antivirus software is blocking access to the minecraft.net site. Diagnosing a failure is simple, just try to open the site in a browser. If it works, that’s not the point.
  • Software incompatibility.
  • Servers are blocked or temporarily unavailable.
  • Either the libraries.minecraft.net subdomain or the IP address is blocked in the hosts file or framework.

How can we fix the crash?

Before other actions, we recommend that you immediately turn off the built-in firewall, as well as the additional antivirus. In general, there is no need for double protection, we can turn off the pre-installed security and rely on software from other manufacturers, it is even more reliable than a product from Microsoft. To turn off the antivirus, select it in the tray, press the RMB and select “Pause” – “Until computer restarts”. The name may differ depending on the installed program.

Removing problematic programs

If the error started to appear after installing some programs, it is worth removing them. In general, it will be useful to clean the system of debris.


  1. Right click on Start and go to “Programs and Features”.
  2. We select garbage and all sorts of unnecessary applications, and then click on the “Delete” button.

Correcting the hosts file

The official server and IP address are almost always used to download game files. To eliminate the risk of blocking it, we recommend replacing one parameter.


  1. Go to the section C: Windows System32 drivers etc hosts.
  2. Right click on hosts, select “Open with” and click on any text editor.
  3. At the end of the file, enter the line libraries.minecraft.net.
  4. We save the changes, after checking that there are no more records from minecraft.net. Otherwise, delete them.

Install VPN

Sometimes the download does not work due to the fact that the current IP is blocked on the server. Perhaps someone carried out DDOS attacks from him. The solution is to install a VPN. We recommend you opt for fast and secure Nordvpn.com, functional Hotspotshield or unlimited Protonvpn.

Downloading updates yourself

It is better to fix the problem of automatic downloading of updates, since they are constantly being released and it is simply inconvenient to manually download updates every time. If this has not been achieved, you should use at least this method.


  1. Load the file from Yandex.Disk (1.15.1)
  2. Unpack the files and drop them into the minecraft directory.
  3. We launch the launcher and wait for the update.

Most likely, after performing the listed actions, the error “Failed to connect to libraries minecraft.net” will no longer haunt the user. If it didn’t work, but you know another way, write about it in the comments.

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