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Guide to the best skills in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The return of Lara Croft was not unexpected. The game mechanics did not become unpredictable either, many moments in Shadow of the Tomb Raider were taken from the previous parts. This is the right approach, because if there is nothing new and interesting to offer the player, it is better to leave it as it was. Some elements of the trilogy may still be surprising. One of the interesting elements was the skill system, it differs significantly from the previous parts.

During the passage of the storyline, some of the skills become available automatically. A number of skills come to the plunderer after passing tests in side missions. Most of the skills can be unlocked through skill points, which are awarded for completing various achievements.

The most useful skills are from the Marauder and Hunter branches. The “Warrior” skill system turns out to be less useful, and all because of the rare clashes with enemies in open areas. The heroine has good stealth, she should be used to turn the advantage in battle in her favor.

Best skills

The game lacks skill points, you have to constantly earn them to discover new skills. To avoid wasting points, it is better to lower the difficulty of the battle. Then the saved points can be nested in other branches. The following are skills that are important to unlock in almost any playstyle.

Crocodile breath

Found in the Marauder branch. Helps hold your breath longer underwater. There are 2 skill levels, they differ only in the duration of being under water. It is a highly desirable skill, as it greatly simplifies the passage of tasks. Without skill, it is difficult to go through crypts at the end of the game and collect collectibles.

The fury of the snake

Located in the Marauder branch. Gives the ability to silently kill a second enemy and perform serial kills.

Several times simplifies the game in places where several opponents are located side by side. With Fury of the Serpent, it is possible to kill two characters without raising a general alarm.

Snake glitter

The skill can be found in the same branch “Marauder”. Effect: Allows the use of signal cartridges. They are very useful against armored enemies as they set them on fire. An additional effect is to blind the enemy for a short time.

If you need to oppose difficult heroes in open combat, the skill will be very useful. The skill allows you to shoot at the enemy and, during the time of blindness, hide in any dark corner. The time of blindness can be used for: restoring lives, applying camouflage camouflage, reloading, creating arrows. There is enough time to carry out the most important actions and continue the battle.

There is the next skill of the series – “Fangs of the Serpent”, it increases the duration of the stun enemy.

Eagle’s gaze

The ability is located in the “Hunter” tree. Helps to find all kinds of valuable items and interesting places. Opens the location of artifacts, chests, cards, monoliths, knapsacks, etc. Works after switching to the “Survival Instinct” mode.

If you want to start collecting various items, it will be a very useful skill.

Raven’s Cunning

Tree: “Hunter”. Shows the location of the traps. Not a vital skill like everyone else. With due care, traps are easy to spot on your own. Nevertheless, if you want to play “light”, the ability is useful. In Survival Instinct mode, traps are highlighted in red.

Eagle claw II

Found in the Hunter ability tree. Allows Lara Croft to kill enemies from tree branches.

Has 2 levels:

  1. After the death of the enemy, he remains in limbo on a branch. The rest of the enemies can see the corpse and raise the alarm.
  2. Having improved the skill, the murder occurs silently and the body of the enemy can be hidden among the branches.

Raven charm

The skill can be taken from the “Hunter” branch. The action is simple – it reduces the cost of goods from merchants.

If you plan to complete the game: all such quests, tombs, collecting all kinds of resources and collectibles, the skill is not needed. There will be plenty of gold, you can buy goods at full value. If you want to improve all types of weapons or quickly acquire the desired item, it is better to unlock the skill.

Cougar Dash

Located in the “Warrior” branch. Increases the speed of pulling the bowstring to the maximum mark, and reduces the reload time of reinforced shots.

When using a bow as the main type of weapon, it is imperative to unlock the skill. The bow is the perfect weapon for silent shots and stealthy capture of enemy bases. If the bow is used more often than other types of firearms, it makes sense to learn the skill “Pack of Howlers”. With this skill, you can shoot from a bow at two targets at the same time.

Cougar hug

The ability is taken in the “Warrior” tree. Increases resistance to damage from enemies for a short period after recovery in battle.

Often decides the outcome of a battle during an open skirmish with Dominguez’s mercenaries. The skill will save the character’s life many times. You just need to press F1 to start restoring health.

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